Episode 140: Radiation Gloves

51 years before Clara climbed inside of a Dalek, Ian Chesterton did the same thing.  The Daleks of yesteryear didn't fly, travel in time or space, and relied on static electricity to get around.  This time around we settle on an all-too-familiar planet and discuss "The Daleks", the story that started Britain's obsession with the exterminating pepper pots.  Does "The Daleks" stand the test of time, or is it as clunky as William Hartnell's line bloopers?

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Episode 139: The Game Master

Our heroes have escaped the clutches of the Gods of Ragnarok only to be led astry into the domain of the Game Master, an evil and omnipotent being who delights in torturing his victims with trivia questions.

In actuality, we spared ourselves the task of actually doing homework and put all the burden on Josh Zimon, host of the podcasts Doctor Who: The High Council and The Memory Cheats.  Will our heroes know enough about Doctor Who to escape unscathed?  Or will their ignorance lead to their demise?

Email us feedback and complaints at tardistavern@gmail.com, "like" our Facebook page, and follow Sean intermittently via @tardistavern.

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Episode 138: The Tragic Death of Pigbin Josh

After a brief sabbatical, we're back!  The vortex manipulator drops our heroes off at a very, very familiar circus where they wile away their boredom with a discussion of "The Claws of Axos".

Also, there's listener feedback read by Steve in a funny voice followed by peals of laughter.  Really, we needed that month's rest!

You can email us tardistavern@gmail.com, "like" us on Facebook, and follow Sean as he occasionally posts in Twitter via @tardistavern.

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Episode 137: The One with the Farting Aliens

So it's come to this.  We have a small handful of stories left in the Ninth Doctor's era to cover, and eventually we would have to talk about the maligned episodes "Aliens of London" and "World War Three".  Does it deserve the eye-rolling that occurs every time this story is brought up in polite company?  Or are all those fart fumes just a smoke screen for what is actually a solid alien invasion story?  Listen in and see.

In other events, the gentlemen find themselves trapped a few years in the earth's past thanks to the vortex manipulator...where will it take them next?  Also...A CONTEST!

Email us at tardistavern@gmail.com and we might send you a sample of weed (void where prohibited).  Also, try to follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, but don't hold your breath for any fantastic postings. If it's fantastic postings you want, you'll want to join the legions of listeners on our Facebook page!

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Episode 136: Remember Your Varicose Veins

Because the Fourth Doctor is awesome.  Because we can't get enough of seeing Leela.  Because stories involves witches and rubbery monsters in English mansions seem to call to us.  It's our take on "Image of the Fendahl", in which the Doctor must fight an unspeakable horror from his home world.  Or something like that.

If you'd like to explain to us what this story was about, you can email us at tardistavern@gmail.com or look us up on Facebook.  Also, you can follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern (you can't follow Steve on Twitter because he's a poo-head and hasn't logged in for three years).

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Episode 135: When Sydney Met Verity

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who brought us a literal trifecta for the fans on the big as well as the small screens.  There was, obviously, "The Day of The Doctor", Peter Davison's The Fiveish Doctors, and the BBC docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time.

For those of you that haven't been listening to this podcast for the last year and a half, we both think An Adventure in Space and Time is pretty much required viewing for anyone with a pulse, let alone anyone who has the slightest bit of interest in Doctor Who.  So please listen in as we talk about William Hartnell, Verity Lambert, Sydney Newman, and the genesis of the show we've dedicated so much time to.

Shoot us an email at tardistavern@gmail.com, look for us on Facebook, and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern.  Free cookies will be sent to those who become involved.  (Some restrictions apply.)

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Episode 134: Who am I?

We're back!  Having required new livers as part of the recovery process from DFW Whofest (thank you, David and Marty), we're back to our regularly scheduled programming: giving you elongated reviews and inane discussion about Doctor Who episodes.

We've thrown the proverbial dart and this time it's landed on "Face of Evil", the Fourth Doctor story that marked Leela's debut.  Are you Team Sevateem or Team Tesh?  Find out which we are in our latest contribution to the world of Doctor Who podcastery.

Please send us feedback to tardistavern@gmail.com.  We'll read it out loud in a voice of your choosing!  Also look for us on Facebook and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern.

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Episode 133: An Evening in Irving with Terry Molloy

It's all about last weekend's Whofest 2 in Irving, Texas (that's in the Dallas area for those of you that may not know), and panels, discussions, and things that we saw.

Overall, a good time was had by all, but the highlight was our interview with Terry Molloy on Friday night, in which we discussed his role as Davros, Big Finish, and My Pretty Pony, among other things.  Take a listen and see how we did with our first official live interview!

Email us at tardistavern@gmail.com, look for us on Facebook, and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern (although he hardly uses it anymore).  Also, you can follow Terry Molloy via @tuckerspatch.

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Episode 132: Tequila Repose

With just a week until Whofest 2, we thought we would sink our teeth into a story featuring the convention's guests, which makes "Revelation of the Daleks" a must-watch for this episode.

Also, Steve reads feedback and almost loses his voice and kills Sean from laughter in the process.

We are lonely.  Please email us at tardistavern@gmail.com, check out our awesomely-busy Facebook page, and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern.

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We're still here!  After some unplanned technical issues and a misunderstanding regarding calendering (hi, Sean!), we bring you the very latest in drunken Whovian goodness: a discussion abouut the Fifth Doctor story "Black Orchid".  We're joined by Amanda Cole, who is also fluent in cosplay and convetions, as we pour some tea (read: booze) and discuss cricket...and murder!

Please email us at tardistavern@gmail.com, look for us on Facebook, and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern.  You can also follow Amanda via @blundergirl.

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