Never fear, dear listeners, we are alive and well and have been enjoying Series Eight along with all the rest of you.  However, we’re either just too busy half the time and lazy the other half of the time to record our impressions and bring them to you on a weekly basis, like some of those other podcasts (we won’t mention names, but there’s a ton of them).

We are pleased to bring you, recorded in the back seat of a car driven by a cat, our discussion of Series Eight thus for (sans “Deep Breath” and “Into the Dalek”, which were covered previously).  Enjoy!

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We’ve pretty much run the gamut of the McCoy era, so it’s about time we got to “Remembrance of the Daleks”, with our friend Phil Birkett of the Braving Babylon 5 podcast.

This episode is so long, we actually had to trim our discussion about “Robot of Sherwood”, but we get plenty of discussion about “Remembrance” and “Into the Dalek” and even squeeze in a couple short interviews of Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman as conducted by our roving reporter, Andre Tessier.

Hold onto your butts, this is a big one.

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Our heroes took a break from their bizarre journey through time and space to spend some quiet, safe time in Austin, Texas, where they were invited to attend a “live” viewing of “Deep Breath” via the local Doctor Who meetup group.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we present our short discussion of “Deep Breath” in front of a “live studio audience”.  (Apologies for the slightly sucky audio quality; we were unable to control some of the dynamics in this enormous room.)

Special thanks to Bill Scheel and Marvin of the DFW 8787 chapter of Pflugerville, Texas for permitting us to do this!

Remember to catch us on Facebook, email us stuff at, and follow us on Twitter via @tardistavern!

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Today is Sean's Liver forty(mumble mumble)something birthday.  I'm totally shocked that it has made it this far.  So I raise a glass of Three Olives Bubble Gum vodka to my dear friend's liver and salute its endurance and ability to take so much punishment!  Please feel free to send Sean's Liver Happy Birthday wishes to the Facebook account or email it with congratulations to






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Every now and then one must turn one’s sights away from the brilliant (as in “Pyramids of Mars”) and the ridiculous (I’m looking at you, “Mindwarp”) and focus on something that’s just plain fun.  With that, we sit down in a dark, wet alley with our good friend Josh Zimon of The Memory Cheats and A Mostly Harmless Cutaway to discuss “The Chase”, featuring the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Vicki.

Whilst grappling with feral cats and diving in dumpsters, will we conclude that “The Chase” is an underrated gem…or does it deserve to go down in history as one of the most craptastic pieces of television ever produced?  Listen and find out!

Be sure to look for us on Facebook (we’re quite popular there) or email us feedback at  You can also follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, and Josh via @whomejz.

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Having killed yet another guest host, the gentlemen escape to the streets of New York City, where they are rescued by a willing (and oddly familiar) cab driver.

Since Episode 115 was about “The Enemy of the World”, it seemed fitting to start a pattern, so we set our sights on “The End of the World”, featuring the Ninth Doctor and Rose.  Was it as good as a giant moisturizer?  Or did it leave us feeling dried out and flappy?  Listen in and find out!

[Insert gratuitous Facebook, email, and Twitter references here:, @tardistavern and @tardistaverntit.

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With the blood of yet another guest host on their hands, our brave hosts seek refuge at an all too familiar restaurant and exchange witter banter about nothing.  After that's done, they focus their attention on the Second Doctor romp "The Enemy of the World", in which Patrick Troughton dons black face and a questionable accent.  Order a big salad, be the master of your domain, and listen in as they talk about whether this is a brilliant gem of a story or one better left undiscovered.


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We awaken from our short visit in purgatory in the nursing embrace of Andre Tessier of L.I. Who.  Sean and Steve are off the island and in the safety of civilization, but will they survive the emergency room and the D.T’s without a drop of alcohol in sight?

To keep our minds at ease, we discuss the epic Sixth Doctor and Peri story “Mindwarp”, as you do.  Is it Syltastic?  Or a disgrace to 1980’s “Doctor Who”?  Grab some marsh minnows to munch on and listen in.

Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook, email us at, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, and Andre via @AndreT_NY.

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In this very special episode, we are joined by a special guest, nobody, from no podcast whatsoever as we escape to the world between our own and the one beyond.  Are we dead?  Or is this merely a fiction?

Speaking of things that seem like one thing but are totally not, we talk about “The Vampires in Venice”, and get lost in a lot of bunny trails along the way?  Will we cast this story into the depths as food for our spawn?  Or embrace the dark side?

Be sure to catch us on Facebook, email us stuff at, and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern and Steve via @tardistaverntit. 

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After leaving behind the alien spacecraft (and another dead podcaster), our heroes find themselves dining at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.  The Dish of the Day is none other than JB Anderton of the Who 37 podcast, and he turns out to be rather tasty.

The time is ripe to talk about the Fifth Doctor once again, so we turn our sights to Peter Davison’s first filmed portrayal of the Doctor, “Four to Doomsday”.  Will we be persuaded to see enlightenment in this story?  Or is just a smear of green picked with pieces of Adric’s yellow tunic.  Relax, pass the sodium chloride, and listen in!

“Like” us on Facebook, email us at (send us audio feedback and we’ll buy you a drink), follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, and Steve via @tardistaverntit (yes, he’s back to using it now).  You can also follow JB and the Who 37 podcast via @WHO37podcast.

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