Episode 149: Colonoscopy in Space

What do you get when have a class struggle between the bearded environmentalists, a greedy corporation, a hologram lizard, the Third Doctor, and Jo?  You get "Colony in Space" a would-be epic six-parter from the Pertwee era.  Is this a standout story?  Or is it worthy of the name we gave it in the title of this episode?  Listen in and find out!

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Episode 148: The Game Master Invasion of Earth

WE'RE BAAAACK!  And we're joined by our nemesis from the nether regions, the Game Master.  Will we answer the questions correctly and escape with our lives, or will the Game Master reign triumphant and collect our souls?  Listen in and find out!

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Episode 147: The Tragic Death of Mr. Fibuli

Our heroes focus again on the classic series, this time with a short visit to the "Key to Time" series with "The Pirate Planet", featuring the Fourth Doctor and Romana I.  Is this a Douglas Adams masterpiece?  Or just another trumped up swashbuckler?  Listen and find out!

In the meantime, your brave hosts through space and time find themselves in a very familiar bar...although it's probably not the one you're thinking of....

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Episode 146: The Singing Towers of Darrillium

Putting things back on track, our heroes find themselves immersed in the world of politics.  To distract themselves, they go back to the topic they planned on discussing when we last met them: "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead", written by Steven Moffat and featuring the Tenth Doctor and Donna.  And, since they really enjoy celebrating Christmas in February, they also dip their little piggies into "The Husbands of River Song".

Also, news and stuff that was probably covered more thoroughly by other podcasts weeks ago.

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Episode 145: The Bullshit Episode

After a relaxing holiday, we're back!  And we're going to talk about "The Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead".  That is, we were, until...squirrel!

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Episode 144: The Tawdry Quirk Shop

As the rest of fandom recovers from the self-proclaimed "devastating" conclusion of Series Nine, our heroes turn the dial on the Wayback Machine just a couple years back to when bow ties were cool.  Thus begins our review of "Amy's Choice", featuring the Eleventh Doctor, Amy, and Rory.

Also, there might be Muppets.

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Episode 143: Vengeance with Vodka

Our heroes find themselves in a strange, swampy, and stinky forest, and to pass the time they talk about "Vengeance on Varos", the titillating adventure featuring the Sixth Doctor and Peri.

Is this story a foreboding prediction of the television that would come?  Or did it leave us thirsty for more (and perhaps a nice glass of Perrier?).  Listen and find out!

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Episode 142: High for Happiness

Happy 6th birthday to The TARDIS Tavern!  To celebrate, our heroes enjoy the pizza and hospitality of the local Chuck E Cheese...specifically, the ball pit.  As they ponder the possibilities of acquiring any number of childhood germs, they discuss "Paradise Towers" the much-maligned story featuring the Seventh Doctor and Mel.

Is this another story appropriate for the trash heap?  Or can Steve and Sean find some redeeming qualities in it?  Listen in and find out!

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Episode 141: Salvation and Damnation

The time has come once again to circle back to something new in the world of Doctor Who, so we decided to go for something extremely divisive and controversial.

No, we won't be talking about "Daleks in Manhattan" (at least not yet), but rather the Second Series episode "Love and Monsters", featuring (sort of) the Tenth Doctor and Rose, a guy named Elton, and an alien that represents every troll that has ever made any Doctor Who fan group unfun.

Is "Love and Monsters" a droll piece of crap that should have been flushed down Russell T. Davis' loo?  Or is it a great symbolic romp with so much beneath that cheesy surface?  Take a listen and find out what we think!

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Episode 140: Radiation Gloves

51 years before Clara climbed inside of a Dalek, Ian Chesterton did the same thing.  The Daleks of yesteryear didn't fly, travel in time or space, and relied on static electricity to get around.  This time around we settle on an all-too-familiar planet and discuss "The Daleks", the story that started Britain's obsession with the exterminating pepper pots.  Does "The Daleks" stand the test of time, or is it as clunky as William Hartnell's line bloopers?

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