With the blood of yet another guest host on their hands, our brave hosts seek refuge at an all too familiar restaurant and exchange witter banter about nothing.  After that's done, they focus their attention on the Second Doctor romp "The Enemy of the World", in which Patrick Troughton dons black face and a questionable accent.  Order a big salad, be the master of your domain, and listen in as they talk about whether this is a brilliant gem of a story or one better left undiscovered.


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We awaken from our short visit in purgatory in the nursing embrace of Andre Tessier of L.I. Who.  Sean and Steve are off the island and in the safety of civilization, but will they survive the emergency room and the D.T’s without a drop of alcohol in sight?

To keep our minds at ease, we discuss the epic Sixth Doctor and Peri story “Mindwarp”, as you do.  Is it Syltastic?  Or a disgrace to 1980’s “Doctor Who”?  Grab some marsh minnows to munch on and listen in.

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In this very special episode, we are joined by a special guest, nobody, from no podcast whatsoever as we escape to the world between our own and the one beyond.  Are we dead?  Or is this merely a fiction?

Speaking of things that seem like one thing but are totally not, we talk about “The Vampires in Venice”, and get lost in a lot of bunny trails along the way?  Will we cast this story into the depths as food for our spawn?  Or embrace the dark side?

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After leaving behind the alien spacecraft (and another dead podcaster), our heroes find themselves dining at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.  The Dish of the Day is none other than JB Anderton of the Who 37 podcast, and he turns out to be rather tasty.

The time is ripe to talk about the Fifth Doctor once again, so we turn our sights to Peter Davison’s first filmed portrayal of the Doctor, “Four to Doomsday”.  Will we be persuaded to see enlightenment in this story?  Or is just a smear of green picked with pieces of Adric’s yellow tunic.  Relax, pass the sodium chloride, and listen in!

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Having killed off no less than three podcasters on their quest, Sean and Steve jump from the flying pan into the fire as they are rescued by an Unidentified Flying Object.  Once aboard, they meet first-time guest Warren of Radio Free Skaro.  What better way to pass the time than to excise our opinions regarding nerdery in general and discuss the infamous story “The Happiness Patrol”.  It’s bilerific!

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When we last saw them, our heroes had been rescued by a tribe of Amazon women and then found refuge amongst the packages being delivered to the States.  Will their new form of transport deliver them to safety?  Or is this rescue plan nothing more than a Trojan horse?

We are joined by our perennial guest Josh Zimon of A Mostly Harmless Cutaway, The Memory Cheats, and Prognosis Negative to turn the clock back to 1971, when a certain Third Doctor was exiled to our planet and fought invading aliens with the help of UNIT.  This time around we talk “The Daemons”.  Is it worthy of its reputation?  Will this be the one that finally transforms Steve into a Pertwee fan?  Listen and find out!

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Having bid farewell to the late Chris Burgess, our heroes discover that Erika and Kat, both from Verity!, have taken up lives as jungle Amazons!  (Stories of their four co-hosts being cannibalized may have been exaggerated.)

As we push aside the corpse of the late Radio Free Skaro co-host, we settle down with our two favorite Amazonians to discuss Robert Holmes’ “The Sun Makers”.  And, we assure you, this has nothing to do with the fact that April 15 is just behind us.

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When we left our heroes in Episode 107, they were being stalked in the woods (or is it a jungle?) by an unknown and definitely large beast.  Their fears have been allayed, however, as the beast turns out to be none other than Chris Burgess of Radio Free Skaro.

Without further ado or pondering why so many Doctor Who podcasters coincidentally are on this island, the three of them travel back in time to the Hartnell era for a deep insightful discussion of “The Ark”, featuring the First Doctor, Steven, and Dodo.

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Having escaped the hungry clutches of the cannibalistic John Branigan and his cohorts, our heroes catch their breath in the forest…however, is something large and dangerous hunting them?  Have they (almost literally) jumped from the frying pan into the fire?

We take what precious time we have left to discuss “The Awakening”, that precocious story featuring the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, and Turlough.  Also, much to the frustration of one cohost, we take a listen to the short story “Special Features”from Big Finish’s The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories.

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It’s time once again to focus on something a little more current, and by “current” we mean something that has been released on DVD in the past 30 days (albeit televised in 1967).  We turn our gravity telescopes to bear on “The Moonbase” the Second Doctor adventure featuring Ben, Polly, and (sort of) Jamie.  It’s also notable in that it’s the second story, after “The Tenth Planet”, with the Cybermen.

Joining us for this ride 238,855 (that’s a fun fact, Google it!) is our friend John Branigan, formerly of The Cyber Testicle Podcast, although he’s now being syndicated on A Mostly Harmless Cutaway.  We can’t tell you how much fun it is while we get drunk in the morning with a chap six time zones away.

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