Episode 14: The Keeper of Traken and its Big Finish Love Child (Now with More Bathroom Humor!)

Putting Gallifrey 21 and would could have and couldn't have happened behind us, we go back to our rumdum duties of reviewing Doctor Who stories.  In this poop-smothered episode we examine "The Keeper of Traken" and its Big Finish sequel/prequel "Primevil."

"The Keeper of Traken" ranked 70th in Doctor Who Magazine's "Mighty 200" poll, but is a story revolving around a society that functions merely because people are terribly nice to each other worth breaking the bank to satisfy the BBC's costume budget?

"Primevil," featuring the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa and taking place 3,000 years prior to the events of "Keeper," tries to settle the age-old debate of whether blind faith and religion will ever win out over logic and reason.  Perhaps fortunately, that's the deepest insight that you'll find on this subject even after listening to the episode.

We also have our usual battery of feedback and a huge dollop of Traken bathroom humor.

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A big thanks goes to Angel Mendez (from whomix.trilete.net) for the Who Rocks The Party That Rocks The Tardis mix at the end of the show.

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