Episode 15: The Arc of Infinity and Beyond!  (With 100% More Podshock!)

Following through on our fine tradition of having fellow podcasters bartend for us (tradition being, like twice so far), we are joined by Louis Trapani of Doctor Who: Podshock, who serves up a mean Long Island iced tea.

After generally meandering into the nerdery and the gushing that most fans exude when first meeting (thanks, Steve), we turn our double-sighted attention to "The Arc of Infinity," John Nathan-Turner's ubiquitous sequel to "The Three Doctors."

Will tempers flare amonngst the three of them as they disgaree on whether or not this is the best episode ever?  Are you happy to see me or is that an impulse laser in your hands?  And will Steve ever let Sean talk?  Find out now and download this little collector's item from the library of The TARDIS Tavern.

Sorry, Erik, no feedback this episode...but tune in next week for some very, very special feedback as we trip the light camptastic with "The Gunfighters."

What's that you say?  Did we get our facts wrong again?  Fuck!  Then let us know at tardistavern@gmail.com.  Also find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Credit goes to sobermo (from whomix.trilete.net) for the Surfwho mix at the end of the show.

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