Fresh off of the first half of Series Seven, we just couldn’t get enough of the Eleventh Doctor.  At the behest of our friend Erik from The Doctor Who Book Club Podcast, we watched and discussed “The Big Bang” and “The Pandorica Opens” with him.  For those of you that listen to the very best in Doctor Who podcasting, you may know that Sean and Steve appeared on A Mostly Harmless Cutaway with our other friends Eric and Josh when these episodes first aired.  Have our opinions changed after viewing it again.  Is Erik alone in thinking this two-parter is the bee’s knees?

As usual, the cocktails flowed freely (at least for two of us, ahem) and we saw a mutual friend of the podcast, Erika (whom you may recall from our “Pertwee Extravaganza” not long ago), and asked her to join the fray.  The result is an hour and 47 minutes of insightful philosophical discussion on the story.  Also, we get really drunk. 

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Shout out goes to Anthony Perry for the end of show song Industrial Cyberdisco Remix.

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