Episode 6: Enlightenment at the End of the Tunnel

Carrying on from the last episode, Steve proudly displays one of his favorite -- if not his ultimate favorite! -- episode, "Enlightenment."  Steve attempts to enlighten Sean on the story's merits, and Sean generally scratches his head as if it had a dead bird planted on it. Naturally, discussion is made regarding Captain Wrack's rack and the gratuitous use of terrible and immature jokes.

Will Steve persuade Sean to save the Doctor?  Or will Sean instead choose enlightenment?  All will be revealed...

Please send comments, criticisms, and dirty limmericks to tardistavern@gmail.com.  If you do, then we'll send you a cookie.

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Episode 5: Planting Seeds of Doubt in The Seeds of Doom

In the spirit of friendly competition, the gentlemen propose a challenge: they will each state their favorite episode, and then their counterpart will attempt to blast holes in the story.

Up first for this challenge is Steve, who faces the daunting challenge of poking a wavy, drunken, critical finger at Sean's favorite story, "The Seeds of Doom."  Steve, for instance, wonders why the Doctor suddenly has a fondness for firearms, yet Sean mysteriously doesn't remember that.  (What Sean does remember is the name of the Seventh Doctor's first story.)

They also take a short gander at the new Children in Need clip and answer the question that has plagued mankind forever: Which will get you drunker?  Hot mulled wine or Rasputin ale?  (Hint: Tom Baker played him.)

We have found ourselves slightly short on feedback and have been crying in our drinks, so please send your questions, comments, and/or favorite sexual fantasies to tardistavern@gmail.com.

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