Episode 9: We are Amused by Tooth and Claw

To commemorate our ninth episode, we welcome "guest bartender" and fellow Who  podcaster Dave Hooie from Hoo on Who, who has nine letters in his name!  We talk about queens in Doctor Who, visual graphics, and the progression of David Tennant's Doctor.  Also, a record is set as we read two (2) feedback emails from adoring fans.  We also touch on this year's Gallifrey in Los Angeles.

Join us on Facebook or send feedback or complaints about Steve to tardistavern@gmail.com.  Keep it coming, people!  All writers will be eligible for a drawing in which the winner will receive a video of Sean getting his chest waxed.

Special acknowledgment goes to Doctor Quien (from whomix.trilete.net) for the Aborigen Celestial mix at the end of the show.

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Episode 8: Party Like it's 1999 with Paul McGann

To commemorate our eighth episode, we review the 1996 TV movie featuring the Eighth Doctor.  We also party like it's 1999 with a little bit of feedback ("little bit" = one fucking email) and nurse our hangovers from the second part of "The End of Time."  (And, of course, we regret even bringing it up in Episode 7 in the first place.)  Also, much to Steve's chagrin, Gadget the bartender has been replaced by someone or something new.

Help us celebrate our ascent into 2010: We're finally on Facebook with everyone else, so join our group or email us at tardistavern@gmail.com.  Seriously.  Pod Shock doesn't need more emails, so send us something, will you please?

Special acknowledgment goes to Lowroller (from whomix.trilete.net) for the Lowroller Mix at the end of the show.

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Episode 7: All Things Craptastic, 90% Free of TEOT

"The End of Time" is sooooo last week.  That being said, we take a look at some of the more loathesome bits of Doctor Who.

We ponder what the hell Dimensions in Time is all about (and write us to let us know if you have a clue), the incredible amount of smoking, drinking, and homoerotic imagery in K-9 and Company, and why anoyone would let Nicholas Courtney near a microphone in Doctor in Distress.

But could we really help ourselves?  Could we really not talk about "The End of Time?"  No.  We spend the last few minutes of the episode briefly discussing our likes and dislikes about this story and dropping a little path of rose petals for Matt Smith's arrival.

Please send comments and/or feedback to tardistavern@gmail.com.  Seriously.  Send us some goddam feedback.  Maybe we'll make the pain stop.

Special acknowledgment goes to exilea (from whomix.trilete.net) for the Metal Who mix at the end of the show.

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