Episode 19: Har-dee-Har of Fang Rock!

In this very special episode of The TARDIS Tavern, Sean and Steve rescue a kitten from a burning house and then give it away to an orphan before saving an old lady from being hit by a bus.  After that, they headed over to The Magic Time Machine restaurant in beautiful (sorry, I just threw in my mouth a little) Dallas, Texas for a "live" in-person recording.

The gentlemen set their sights on "The Horror of Fang Rock," the epitome of Doctor Who meeting Hammer horror.  Will there be disention among them?  Or will they agree merrily that the story totally sucks or is as wonderful as the cries of a newborn?

Since this recording, Steve has announced that for the next episode, focusing on a Fifth Doctor story, we will review Red Dawn, a Big Finish production featuring Georgia Moffett and the Ice Warriorsssssssss.

Oh yeah, we also have feedback and stuff.

Speaking of feedback, please send yours to tardistavern@gmail.com, join us on Facebook, or look for Sean on Twitter as tardistavern and Steve as stevetardistvrn.

Credit goes to synthetic_messiah (from whomix.trilete.net) for the doc in trouble mix at the end of the show.

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Episode 18: From Inside the Miniscope, it's "Carnival of Monsters"

In the most heated debate yet, Sean and Steve get at it over "Carnival of Monsters."  As a result, Sean has a black eye and is whining about how it's unfair to hit a guy with glasses.

Continuing our span of "Ten Doctors" and ten stories reviewed, Steve (1) shouted out his safe word when it came time to pick a Jon Pertwee story (like hello, Steve, don't you want to watch "Colony in Space"?) and (2) will piss of legions of Pertwee fans who care to listen to this episode.  Sean, in the meantime, made the mistake of getting really drunk before recording the show.  In his defense, however, he was watching Survivor prior to the recording and steadfastly maintains that you can't watch Survivor without being drunk.  (Ed's note: Sean is a little toasted even as he's typing this because they're showing reruns of RuPaul's Drag Race.)

Oh, and we couldn't resist chatting about the current series.  Of course, there's the usual blip of feedback and an announcement that we've received our first bit of fan art!

Send us feedback, bitches.  It goes to tardistavern@gmail.com.  Also follow us on Twitter (tardistavern for Sean and stevetardistvrn for the other one).  Also look for us on Facebook.

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