Episode 21: Some Very Special Sweet Meat and The Mark of the Rani

We are proud and pleased to present guest bartender Erik from the excellent Briding the Rift podcast to the Tavern!  We are especially pleased that he knows how to keep our glasses full and never judges if we drink a triple scotch.  We are glad that he is here to celebrate the release of Episode 21, as we're now legal to drink in the United States.

The topic this time is "The Mark of the Rani," as we don our tacky patchwork coats and celebrate the era of the Sixth Doctor for our "Ten Doctors" series.  We were going to pay tribute to Nicola Bryant by sporting fake English accents, but that would be just wrong.

For the first time, we have no feedback!  Does that mean we suck?  Are we just a couple of tits?  Prove it otherwise by sending us feedback at tardistavern@gmail, give us happy ratings on iTunes (we're now on the first page with all the other grown-up Doctor Who podcasts), join our Facebook group, follow Sean on Twitter @tardistavern and Steve @steveTARDIStvrn.

Also big thanks to the Australian heavy metal band LORD for the mix at the end of the show.  For more info on their music and tour dates please visit their site at www.lord.net.au.

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Episode 20: Scraping the Bottom of the Big Finish Barrel a/k/a Red Dawn

Episode 20 marks the halfway point of our "Ten Doctors" series, so of course we're turning our sights to a Fifth Doctor story as we steer away from our traditional tavern for a change and enjoy drinks in the on-board lounge of the Red Dwarf mining ship.

This time we review Red Dawn, a Big Finish production featuring the Fifth Doctor, Peri, and the Ice Warriors.  If you're a Big Finish fan, it's likely that you have some idea of what's going to happen this time, and if you're not a Big Finish fan, then we encourage you to take a listen anyway, and poo on you if you don't.

For next time, we'll peek at the Sixth Doctor in "The Mark of the Rani" with guest bartender Erik from the Bridging the Rift podcast.

Drop us a line and tell us what you think at tardistavern@gmail.com.  Please join us on Facebook, follow Sean on Twitter (@tardistavern), and follow Steve as well (@steveTARDIStvrn).

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