Episode 24: The Looooooong Game (With 100% More Lillibet!)

And so it's come to this.

I mean, er...we are honored and pleased to have guest bartender Lillibet from the Professor Dave's Ark in Space podcast with us this evening as we explore the Ninth Doctor in "The Long Game."

Frankly, this show was a long time coming, as it was recorded almost three weeks ago and we've recorded Episode 23 since then (timey-wimey), and our memories of this recording are not all that fresh.  So fill this space with your comments regarding Christopher Eccleston, Simon Pegg, or maybe even something appropriate regarding this being the first member of the fairer sex along for the ride.  (We promised to be really, really polite or else we knew we'd end up with Professor's Dave boot up our ass.)

Hate us?  Or want to make passionate love to us?  Send us some email at tardistavern@gmail.com, join our Facebook page (we're tied with Professor Dave's page, let's beat 'em), or follow Sean on Twitter @tardistavern or Steve @SteveTARDIStvrn (no A or E in Tavern).

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Episode 23: Christmas in July!  The Chimes of Midnight!

Having just gotten over our hangovers from the Fourth of July, we are craving a little bit of holiday cheer, so we set our sights on The Chimes of Midnight, a Big Finish audio story featuring the Eighth Doctor, making it the eighth in our "Eleven Doctors" series.

There's talk of plum pudding, worthless scullery maids, Edward Grove, and merry murder.  Oh, and a dollop of feedback as well from a couple of our usual listeners, including the usual editorial corrections.  (Thanks, Erik!)

Spoliers abound, faithful listeners, so if you have plans to ever listen to "The Chimes of Midnight," then fuck that and just listen to us instead.

Keep your ears peeled for next time when we talk about the Ninth Doctor in "The Long Game" with yet another guest bartender.  We're keeping the guest's identity secret for the time being, but let's just say it's someone of the fairer sex from another podcast.

If you send us feedback, we'll send you some pictures of kitties.  So stop what you're doing right now (unless you're driving, then put down the iPhone and keep your eyes on the road), and email us at tardistavern@gmail.com.  Follow Sean on Twitter at @tardistvern or Steve at @stevetardistvrn (no A or E in tavern).  Plus be a part of our Facebook page, where we regularly serve free pie and punch.

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Episode 22: The Greatest Show in the Galasquee!

There is no better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than by watching Barack Obama rapping while dressed in a red, white, and blue ringmaster's costume.  And so we present you with "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy," our Seventh Doctor installment in our "Eleven Doctors" series (formerly known as our "Ten Doctors" series because bow ties are cool).

Aside from the standard review, we read and respond to feedback - some favorable and some not so favorable - and give a shout out to a couple other podcasts that you may not have heard about.

Once again, we beg you to send us your thoughts at tardistavern@gmail.com, join us on our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter (Sean is tardistavern and Steve is stevetardistvrn).

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