Episode 26: All About Doctor 11 and The Ring of Steel

Concluding our "Eleven Doctors" series, we chose not to beat a dead horse and review a story which has already been beaten to death by every other podcast.  Nevertheless, the rules state we must present you with a podcast about an Eleventh Doctor story, thus we bring you "The Ring of Steel."

"The Ring of What?" you say?  Well, once there were these things made out of paper, and the paper was usually sandwiched together with bits of carboard.  On the papers were words, and when read in sequence these words tell a story.  In fact, I'm told that many of the things we see on television or the movies originated as the these strange paper-word-story things.  It just so happens that there are quite a number of these stories -- they're call books, by the way -- that have been published over the years by the BBC and one or two other companies that are actually Doctor Who stories.  That's right, brand new original stories...like watching a version of the show but it's all on paper and you can recreate the details in your imagination.

However, we at The TARDIS Tavern do not have time for reading...who can concentrate long enough when you drink yourself to sleep every night anyway.  But it just so happens that many of these stories have been released as audio books, the most recent being The Ring of Steel by Stephen Cole (and read by Arthur Darvill, who plays Rory).  And that, my dears, is what we will be talking about today.

Oh, and we have some very good feedback as well, the best of which we're saving for last.  Plus we announce the winner of our "Abominable Snowmen" contest.  For Episode 27 we're having some more guest bartenders, so keep a vigilant ear out.

Feebback and erotic stories may be sent to tardistavern@gmail.com.  Follow Sean on Twitter on @tardistavern and Steve @stevetardistvrn.  Plus, join our Facebook page...or else.

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A Very Special Day at the Tavern...

Today, Thursday, 19th is Sean’s Birthday.  Sean is thirty<cough> <cough> <cough> something years young today.  Everyone here at the TARDIS Tavern (just me actually) wish Sean a very happy and safe celebration.  His liver would also like to congratulate Sean as it didn’t think it would make it through another year. 



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Episode 25: The Impossible Podcast into the Satan Pit

So it has come to this.  25 episodes of drunken debauchery and crassness, from giggling about which of the companions we'd snog to serious deliberations on the merits of David Tennat versus Matt Smith.  And we plan on delivering at least two more episodes if you guys keep listening.

We continue our "Eleven Doctors" span with the Tenth Doctor in "The Impossible Plant/The Satan Pit."  Remember that skinny jumpy guy named David Tennant?  You know, the one who always waved around the sonic screwdriver?  The one who was falling in love with his companions, or the other way around?  No?  Then take a trip down memory lane with us way back to 2006 where we'll talk about one of his very first stories.

Special thanks to the usual gang of reprobates for sending us in feedback, and a big bear hug for Wendell from "The Omega Podcast" for providing our very first piece of audio feedback.  Also keep an ear open for details on how to win a CD copy of "The Abominable Snowmen" and pick which story we'll review in an upcoming episode.

Send us more feedback at tardistavern@gmail.com and please join us on our Facebook page: Help us get more friends than Professor Dave and "The Omega Podcast" combined.  Also follow us both on twitter at @tardistavern and @stevetardistvrn (no A, E, I, O, or U in tavern).  Kisses!

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