Episode 29: Flames On the Side of My Face a/k/a Planet of Fire

We are honored and pleased to have Katrina from the popular Bridging the Rift podcast joining us as we talk about "Planet of Fire," hot on the heels of its DVD release.

This was an interesting one, particularly since what you can't hear is over an hour of footage on the cutting room floor in which we discuss such inanity as Star Trek, Star Wars, and The Human Centipede.  (Oh wait, maybe that last one was just in my head.)

On a side note, special thanks to Katrina for not only being on our show, but saving the day after Sean's Audacity application froze up midway through the session without his knowledge.

As for next week, we have a very special treat for you.  We will be making Doctor Who podcasting history by reviewing something that most fans have never had the pleasure of getting their hands on.  Want to take a guess what it is?  Discuss below...

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Episode 28: What Happened Last Night? a/k/a The Mind Robber

Honoring the wishes of that wonderful fellow from Chicago, Lloyd, who won our contest a couple weeks ago, we focus on one of the only six Second Doctor stories that exists in its entirety: "The Mind Robber."

Much can be said about this episode, but because (1) you may as well listen to it as long as you're reading this and (2) I'm just too damn hungry to type anything clever, we'll let you discover the delights of the magical land of make-believe all on your own.

This one's for you, Lloyd

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Episode 27: The Masque of Men-Draggin-On

We open our doors with welcome arms to Eric and Josh from the "Mostly Harmless Cutaway" podcast as we review -- between sloshes and swirls -- that old Tom Baker favorite, "The Masque of Mandragora."

Did "Doctor Who" have a "gay agenda" even back then?  Can Mandragora energy pilot the TARDIS without anyone knowing?  Can you ever have enough wigs?  And how does the Doctor walk away with nothing but a handful of sausage?  We touch on all these subjects (or at least stumble around them) as we put this compelling historical story under the microscope.

Tune in next time for our look at "The Mind Robber," the story chosen by last episode's contest winner.

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