Are you in terrible need of some brain bleach after listening to Episode 30?  Do you like zombies?  Have a disease that needs an instant cure?  We travel north of the Mason Dixon line this time and pay a visit to our friends Wendell and Wes from The Omega Podcast.  It's a cacophony of accents, and this time there's someone to clean up the peanut shells.

We cast our gaze on the Tenth Doctor story "New Earth," with its cat nurses and zombies.  [Editor's Note: Those aren't real zombies.  Real zombies eat human flesh and walk really slow.  Just sayin'.]  We get a little off track because, hey, it's four podcasters talking Doctor Who that have never met before, but it's all in good fun.  It was the last time anybody told me I was beautiful.

If you would like to hear more of The Omega Podcast, please check them out here:

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Episode 30: So it's Come to This: THE DALEK PORN!!!

Back in 2005, an enterprising film crew put together an unbelievably low budget flick featuring naked lesbians and Daleks called Abducted by Daleks.  Quite understandly, the BBC put a stop to what they must have perceived as a smear on the reputation of Daleks across the universe and promptly set their lawyers (or solicitors?) on the filmmakers.  Rumors say that only about a thousand copies exist, although horny fan boys everywhere have probably produced enough pirate copies as there are sperm in a spoonful of semen.

Although we here at The TARDIS Tavern spoke of the Dalek "porn" as if it were the Holy Grail, we were delighted when we were contacted by a jaunty fellow from Liverpool named Tom Riley who gladly permitted us to, um..."borrow" his copy.  We are proud to celebrate our 30th episode with a synopsis and review of this little gem.  Enjoy!

As an aside, it is important to note that the term "Dalek porn" is rather a loose term.  This is not a hardcore sex flick; there's no penetration, no male nudity, and just a bunch of T&A.  Thus, for those of you who are a little soft around the edges, you need not fear to tread here, as our conversation doesn't get into explicit details since there really aren't any.  (Come to think of, if you're a little soft around the edges, what are you doing listening to this in the first place?)

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