Episode 33: Things Taste Better Poured from a Box: A Look at the Series 5 Boxed Set

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at The TARDIS Tavern!  With the celebration of the domination of the Native American people before us, we review the features and stories contained in the Series 5 Blu-Ray boxed set released earlier this month.  What are our favorites stories?  Is in-vision commentary necessary?  Is it possible that Steve is in love with Arthur Darvill?

Of course, we read a spot of feedback (and some respectful criticism as well).  And take note, dear listeners, the Tavern will be open intermittingly through Christmas as we deal with our professional lives.  You may look forward to an episode in the meantime, perhaps, but keep in mind we have no intention of shutting our doors permanently.

The artwork of Matt Smith used as a thumbnail was painted by Brad Collins.  Take a look at his portraits of other Doctors at http://www.etsy.com/shop/bradcollins.

Please send us some fun audio feedback!  And, of course, join us on our Facebook page and follow Sean's ramblings on Twitter via @tardistavern.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Episode 32: Pot Luck in the Drunk Tank

Something's amiss at the Tavern lately.  The gentlemen have gone missing.  Have they gone sober?  Did they go on vacation?  Never!  Unfortunately, on the way to the Tavern to record this one, Sean and Steve found themselves absconded by the local authorities, who were not impressed with Steve's decision to urinate on a dumpster or Sean's impression of Carol Channing.

As they say across the pond, things were a bit at sixes and sevens without their usual stomping grounds to record in, so the gentlemen were forced to tape a session more or less off the cuff.  With little time to prepare, they each picked a story to watch and review, but there was no time for the other to watch the same story.  This is a clumsy and roundabout way of saying we review two stories this episode, and each story will be a surprise to one of us.  And we're in the drunk tank.  Good times.

Next episode we take a look at the new Season (er, Series) Five box set!  We are practically weeing with anticipation over here!

We want feedback, so send it to us as tardistavern@gmail.com.  Also, join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter via @tardistavern.  It's good to be back from our one-week hiatus.

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