Perhaps the second (or maybe third...maybe even fourth) question new Who fans ask each other upon meeting after "What's your favorite Doctor?" is "Who's your favorite companion?"  From Susan Foreman to Amy Pond, each companion has influenced the program in his or her own little way.

In this very special edition of The TARDIS Tavern, we each cherry pick our favorite companions and discuss them (okay, Steve cherry picks them, Sean just sort of,'ll see).  Even after our favorites are out of the way, we talk about some of the best companions who we didn't mention and, of course, we can't help but bring up some of the companions whose donations to the show were less than spectacular.

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Out of all the guest bartenders who have graced us in The TARDIS Tavern, perhaps there's no one we've anticipated more than John of the Cyber Testicle Podcast.  Imagine our delight when John could finally join us over a few pints and discuss Doctor Who.  The only drawback, of course, is that we had to partake at 10:00 a.m. our time (2:00 p.m. John's time).  Oh well, at least it was Saturday.

Every year or so Big Finish, who is constantly reminding us that "subscribers get more," plops out a special episode available only to those who took a second mortgage on their house to become subscribers.  Fortunately, the tavern's library is constantly being upgraded with Big Finish releases (I wish I could call them "review copies"...hint, hint, Nick Briggs) and, of course, Mr. Testicle himself is always equipped with the latest.  So this time around we feature a spoiler-free review of The Four Doctors, the latest free blowjob from Big Finish.

Remember back in Episode 34 when we refrained from swearing to avoid tainting a 13-year-old's ears?  Well, we kind of made up for that in Episode 35.  The explicit tag was never so appropriate.

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