What with vacations and illnesses and ungodly work schedules, we've scrambled back to the bar to record yet another bit of pdcasting gold.  Ironically, we discussed Douglas Adams' work back in Episode 41, so we really had to slap our brains to for something clever to give you for Episode 42.  Thus, we present a discussion of the third series story "42," with the Tenth Doctor and Martha.

Those of you who prefer your podcasts a little more succinct may enjoy this one, as we elected to go "lite" on time and then slap you over the head with something a little more heavy next time.  (Hint: it involves a group of skinny teenagers and a pantomime minotaur.  Heavy, huh?)

By the way, a special thank you to David Burson (a/k/a Draculasaurus on the internet) for our new logo.  Sean is particularly pleased with it, as David has shed him of about 50 pounds.

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As the Boys return from Gallifrey One they settle back down at the Tavern.  While Steve is suffering withdrawals from Gally; Sean is blissful as ever, especially at the spotting of the latest and greatest Guest Bartender, Chris Burgess, from the Radio Free Skaro podcast.  The three review one of the most scandalous classic stories ever...Shada.  With Chris’ liberal booze pouring will the Boys be capable of having a coherent conversation about this Season 17 abortion?  Listen and find out! 

Please leave us some feedback or else Steve will be forced to release that blackmail Gally photo of Sean, Matthew Waterhouse, and a large salad bowl of tapioca.  Hurry and email us at tardistavern@gmail.com.  Or join us on Facebook, and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern. 


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