Remember a couple episodes ago Steve was quite adamant that he hated "Spearhead from Space"?  Or what about when he spewed his bile all over "Carnival of Monsters"?  Man, did the hate mail and negative Facebook postings sing their rage!  Well, Sean and Josh of the Mostly Harmless Cutaway podcast sit Steve down to watch a Pertwee favorite: "Inferno."

We'd also like to welcome Josh as a regular to the show.  You won't be seeing him every time, but he will occasionally pop in with some historic insight because, well, he's kind of smart and stuff.  Think of him like Frazier in Cheers.

PLEASE send us some lovely audio feedback and we might play it if you're nice.  Join us on Facebook and read Sean's ramblings on Twitter via @tardistavern or Josh via @whomejz.  Well worth it!

[Editor's Note: This was a very heavily edited episode for us, not only because one of us was so drunk he decided it needed to be trimmed down, but because we had a discussion about which Doctor Who actor or actress would be next to die.  Sadly, within a week we lost Elisabeth Sladen.  For once, we decided to show some tact and that conversation now lies on the cutting room floor.  However, join us next time as we discuss and respect some of our favorite Sarah Jane Smith moments.]

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Fresh off our bender with Bonnie Langford (wasn't that a hoot?), we join forces with Marty Hooie of the Hoo on Who podcast.  As always, it's the bartender's choice, and Marty graced our existence with a viewing of "The Horns of Nimon."

Remember how we pretty much tore "The Gunfighters" a new asshole?  Or do you recall how we hailed "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy" as the best thing since flavored lube?  Where do you think we're going to place this little story within that spectrum?  We're not usually partial to spoilers in the show notes, but you owe us one, Marty.

[Enter the usual crap here about feedback, Facebook, and Twitter.  We'll make it easy this time: and @tardistavern.  Now go watch "The Horns of Nimon."]


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Episode 43: An Evening with Bonnie Langford

We know her as the star of such Doctor Who gems as "Time and the Rani" and "Dragonfire," but the one question on every fans mind is, Just who is Bonnie Langford?

Few remember her premiere on the Dancing on Ice show, or its follow-up, Champion of Champions.  And who could forget her on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and The Weakest Link.  And we all remember Noel Coward's controversial remark on her performance as a young actress during a play in which a horse defacted on stage: "If they had shoved the child's head up the horse's arse they would have solved two problems at once.

But what really makes Bonnie Langford tick?  What are her memories of Doctor Who and working with Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy?  Will she return to Big Finish?  Can she still hold that scream?  All these questions and more are answered as The TARDIS Tavern spends an evening with Bonnie Langford.

Also, a big thank you to John Branigan for arranging the interview.  We love you, John!

Please send us feedback on this, our crowning moment, to  Join us on Facebook, and send Sean dirty tweets @tardistavern.

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