Remember a while back when we (or at least Steve) picked our favorite companions and discussed them?  We have decided to dip our sticks in that territory once more, except this time we talk about villains!  Not just our favorite villains, but those that are recurring and popular in Doctor Who.  Daleks, Cybermen, Silurians, Sontarans, Ice Warriors, the whole lot.

And remember in Episode 45 when Sean poured his drunken bile all over "The Impossible Astronaut"?  Well, he makes what Daniel Tosh would call a "Web Redemption," and we also briedly touch on "The Curse of the Black Spot" and "The Doctor's Wife."  We're breaking precedent here, as we pride ourselves on being one of the few podcasts that focuses on the classic news whilst the new series is on the air.

And, finally, we recommend taking a gander at the Matthew Waterhouse panel recording by Tim Drury of Tim's Take OnCheck it out here.  (No, this is not the panel at which Mr. Waterhouse was seen gazing lovingly into Sean's eyes.)

This is the part where we promise free kittens if you send feedback (audio feedback is particularly yummy) at  Also, follow sean on Twitter via @tardistavern and, whaddya know, Steve has become a Twitter zombie as well!  You can follow him via @tardistaverntit.  Oh,

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We are joined once again by Josh Zimon, who has belovingly become the Frazier of our Cheers.  We reminensce heavily about our memories of Sarah Jane Smith, from her days with the Third Doctor to her work on The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Oh, boy oh boy, do we have feedback for you!  Listener Hannah Rothman has kindly supplied us with both audio and email feedback, as well as some other bits and bobs from other listeners.

And it wouldn't be a complete Doctor Who podcast without mention of "The Impossible Astronaut," even though at the time of this release everyone has already seen it, digested it, and passed it.

Send your feedback and complaints to and don't forget to join us on Facebook.  We've also discovered that someone was kind enough to put us on GetGlue, although we're a little confused about it and don't quite get the point of GetGlue, but it was nice of them to do that anyway.  Oh, and we almost forgot -- Steve is back on Twitter.  You can read his thoughts via @tardistaverntit, follow Sean via @tardistavern, and follow Josh via @whomejz.

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