Do you know anyone whose favorite Doctor is Colin Baker?  Yeah, neither do we.  One just can't resist to bring up "The Twin Dilemma" or that coat when discussing poor Mr. Baker.  Yes, we all know he redeemed himself quite well with Big Finish, but much of his television work on Doctor Who is questionable.

But it ain't all that bad.  There are those of us (including Sean) that feel "The Twin Dilemma" has its virtues.  But that's a topic for another podcast.  Today, as we're joined by the lovely Lord Zimon himself, we discuss "Attack of the Cybermen."

Bloody hands, a fat Cyber Controller, and a plot constructed of Swiss cheese.  What more can one really ask for, other than three opinions that span the spectrum about this slightly controversial story?

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In the event you like, never, listen to our podcast, then you probably don't realize that by the end of a recording one or both of us gets unbelievably drunk (that's the point of the whole thing, really).  Many apologies go out to listener Hannah Rothman who has been sending us some splendid feedback the last couple months.  Unfortunately, during the recording of Episode 47, a certain someone was too intoxicated to read her entire email.  For your reading pleasure, it has been posted below.  Enjoy!

Greetings, o' Nipples-of-Venus o' th' Tavern!

Back with the usual. Hopefully this one won't be as huge a textdump as my last couple, but prepare for waves of agreeing and disagreeing.

First of all, regarding your debate about the writing style of the show. I'm going to have to side with Sean on this one in agreeing that I don't think Doctor Who is really the right venue for, as he put it, "JJ Abrams-style writing." Personally, I prefer the RTD  (and, to an extent, season 5 Moffat) style of mystery build-up arcs with subtle hints being dropped somewhere in every episode so we can have our little nuggets to keep the fans buzzing but don't take as much away from having fun running around and exploring all of time and space. I feel like the closest thing we've had to a romp this season was Curse of the Black Spot, and I wouldn't go so far as to call it a full-on romp because the atmosphere was so dark (same for The Doctor's Wife.) Also, I NEEEED to know who River Song is. Moff's been cockteasing us with this long enough.

I was surprised hear that despite all the nitpicks I had with Black Spot, you guys managed to point out all the ones I didn't notice (the last group not landing on the beds and that one pirate in the store room who randomly disappears), but I definitely agree with you about the horrific inconsistencies with the reflective surfaces. That was the big thing that drove me up the wall. Also, I can't quite wrap my brain around what kind of alien race or culture would build a virtual doctor like that. I can understand the beauty aspect to an extent, but what about the singing that made everyone loopy? Was that supposed to be the anesthetic? And what about her Angry Face? Were they really that in need of something so vicious-looking to protect their patients? Who would they be protecting them from? Also, Re: The Doctor's Wife, yes Idris reminded me a LOT of Helena Bonham Carter. Did either of you guys think that that whole episode felt like a piece of really really good fanfiction? (Neil Gaiman has admitted that this was his fanfic)

Moving back to the actual theme of your last episode, "Dalek" was my very first introduction to the Daleks and may have been the episode that shifted me from a reluctant viewer to a casual viewer when I was first starting out with the show nearly 2 years ago. Yes, Rob Shearman did a GREAT job at making them scary and I spent most of the latter half going "OH JESUS JUST KILL THE FUCKER" at the screen, not to mention the "oh shit" moment I had when they showed up en masse at the end of Bad Wolf. Since then they've gone down a bit, but I still prefer them to the Cybermen. When my mom and I had the Daleks vs. Cybermen debate, I realized that I actually dislike the Cybermen for the same reason she likes them more than the Daleks. Mom thinks that the Daleks are one-trick ponies and the Cybermen are more interesting villains because they used to be human, which was exactly why I found them dull in the first place. I'll explain why, since my reason is a very very stupid one: one of my first major fandoms (around late elementary school) was the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series which had a lot of plot points that revolved around the families and loved ones of the main characters being turned into robots. So when I saw that same concept used for the Cybermen in New Who, my brain immediately went "seen it." I say this is a stupid reason because I knew even then that Doctor Who was around LONG before Sonic. Also, yes you should DEFINITELY listen to Jubilee. While it does share some key elements with the episode Dalek, it's a profound, compelling, and VERY dark story in its own right that will leave you with some very powerful questions about the nature of human history (yes, it's that deep.) Speaking of the Daleks, what exactly appeals to you about the new Moffat-era Daleks? (I'm genuinely curious here.) I remember reading somewhere that Moff wanted children to "want to go up and lick them" and I completely fail to understand why any producer of Doctor Who would ever want that for any reason (unless, of course, they were making Dalek candy.) Quite honestly, the only thing I like about them is their exploitability for bad jokes. I remember my fellows over at the LiveJournal macro community ihasatardis had an EPIC field day when Victory of the Daleks aired and the macro-makers successfully exhausted nearly every joke imaginable for them (Mighty Morphin' Dalek Rangers, Dalek Pride, Daleks: Taste the Rainbow, iDaleks, etc.) in one weekend.

Also, regarding Davros, I've only seen one Classic story with him so I can't say much on the subject of him being overused back in the day, but it wasn't until I saw him in Classic Who that I started to find him a really cool villain. When I saw him in The Stolen Earth/Journey's End I found him pretty generic, but then I watched him in Genesis of the Daleks and he was suddenly catapulted into a great, devious, and engaging character. Like Jubilee, I highly recommend the Big Finish story "Davros" (not to be confused with the "I, Davros" series) as it's a fascinating character study piece and Terry Molloy is in top form. Also, the Sixth Doctor waking up for a day of work, picking out a tie, and making Davros get him tea is a glorious thing to behold (I swear this actually happens.) I think I've said pretty much all I have to say about the Cybermen except that I'm probably in the minority in liking the 80's Cybermen more than the Troughton-era Cybermen. I remember the first time I watched Tomb of the Cybermen (which was my second Classic story ever), I actually laughed at the first episode cliffhanger where the Cyberman dummy jumps out of the wall. When I watched Earthshock, I found myself liking them a lot more because of their more humanized voices and not despite of it. I know that giving the Cybermen anything resembling personality defeats the whole purpose of them, but maybe that's just how I roll. Finally, the Big Finish audio Spare Parts. It's like Genesis of the Daleks for the Cybermen and I HIGHLY recommend it (it makes a good Christmas story, too.)

So I have to ask: the "Sontarians" and the "Silurthians" are tied for being the third most popular over the Master? Really? Shame. I judge you from afar. And also blame the alcohol. I think this was the first episode where I could actually hear you guys pouring your drinks. My main beef against calling that serial "Doctor Who and the Silurians" is that I feel like it gives the heavily misleading impression that his name is "Doctor Who" and not "the Doctor." (Let's not get started on the Target novel titles.) I know he's called that in every credit sequence until Davison, but this one's different because it's in the title. *curmudgeonly fangirl*

As for the Master, Sean I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes to watch John Simm's spontaneous pop music scenes repeatedly. I think my very first exposure to the Master was a YouTube clip from the end of The Sound of Drums when he starts blaring Voodoo Child while breaking open the sky. Once I saw it in context, I remember thinking "EVERY SUPERVILLAIN SHOULD BE LIKE THIS." Afraid I can't contribute much for Delgado's Master (only seen him in The Sea Devils so far), but would you agree that Anthony Ainley's Master could be described as the Fifth Doctor's stalker? I mean, he shows up twice in all three of his seasons (if you count The Five Doctors as part of season 20) and he talks like he just wants to throw Peter Davison over the TARDIS console and take him roughly from behind. Eric Roberts' Master, on the other hand, gives me horrifically mixed feelings. As an Adric fan, I feel like it would be hypocritical of me to straight-up hate another Doctor Who character, but I give Roberts!Master leeway for two reasons. One, this incarnation was just a one-off so we don't have to see that much of him. Two, at the end of the day, he's still the Master and the Master is my all-time favorite Doctor Who villain. Although the scene with "I always dreeeeessssss for the occasion" makes my soul die, which must make me a masochist because I've watched that scene SO many times.

That said, Steve, I'm still judging you for hating Spearhead From Space. The Pertwee poster is down now that I'm back home, but it will still haunt you in spirit. Also, if the Autons were good enough to scare John Barrowman as a child, they should be good enough for any Whovian. But I may forgive you now that I know you like the Mara. Kinda is easily my favorite Fifth Doctor serial (I loved it enough to buy it twice, once on iTunes and then the DVD when it came out in April) and I think it would be cool to see the Mara come back in New Who at some point. I didn't care for Snakedance that much, but I was highly amused by the dubious fashion choices that Could Have Been Avoided If They Had A Sassy Gay Friend. (I thought Martin Clunes' character might've filled that role, but he was one of the biggest victims.) I should really listen to Cradle of the Snake...

Trying to zoom through the rest here since this is dragging on way too long:

Yes on the Celestial Toymaker; love Kandyman; Omega = easily one of my favorite Classic villains of all time, was really disappointed when they didn't bring back Stephen Thorne to play him in Arc of Infinity because his epic massive hamminess was WONDERFUL. Also, that scream he makes when he sees what's happened to him in The Three Doctors was one of the most heartwrenching villain moments in the series ever. As for the Rani...please, Santa Moff, can we has?

Well, I failed. This was a textdump.

Love, HannahWith loves,

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It may go without saying that we at The TARDIS Tavern are relatively fond of the Seventh Doctor's era.  You may remember our stellar review of "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy" and the fact that one of us has a soft spot for "Paradise Towers."  It was only a matter of time before we discussed "Ghost Light," one of the most controversial and mind-bending stories of the era.  We are joined by scholar Erik of The Doctor Who Book Club Podcast to discuss the merits of the story, and he will join Steve in convincing Sean that this is the epitome of a great Doctor Who story.

So sit back, relax, and evolve with us as we discuss "Ghost Light."  And get fucking smashed in the process.

Uh, yeah, like get in touch with us at  Be warned: we may be too drunk to read your email at the end of the show, so audio feedback is preferred.  Plus, look for us on Facebook!  As for Twitter, catch Sean via @tardistavern and Steve via @tardistaverntit.  If you want to follow our current guest bartender, you can catch Erik via @sjcaustenite.  We're also very fond of playing Words with Friends.

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