After a brief cutaway to a discussion of Series Six, we're back to business again with our "Craptastics" series, in which we review the bottom five stories of Doctor Who Magazine's 2009 poll.

This time we discuss #498 in the poll, the infamous "Time and the Rani."  Joining us for the fun is Steven of Radio Free Skaro, who makes us feel like buffoons with his encyclopedic knowledge of the show (as if he needed help with that).  Is Mel redeemable in this one?  Does Kate O'Mara do good imitations?  Why does the Doctor play spoons on the Rani's breasts?  Will they ever have a "Time and the Rani" Lego set?  All these questions will be answered...and more, including some cryptic audio feedback from one of our favorite listeners.

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This episode we're taking a little detour from our "Craptastics" series to bring on Lord Zimon and discuss the recently-completed series six.  You've already heard us waflle on regarding "Let's Kill Hitler" and "Closing Time," but what did we think of the remainder of the Eleventh Doctor's adventures?  We cover them all, from "The Impossible Astronaut" to "The Wedding of River Song."

Whether you like series six or not, I'm sure there's one thing we can all agree on...aren't we glad the arc is over and we can get back to good old monster-of-the-week?

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We are both pleased and honored (or should I say "honoured"?) to be joined by our latest guest bartender, Paul Heath of The Pharos Project, our sister podcast from across the pond which also celebrates drunken fandom.

The topic this time is the serial "Underworld," ranked #197 in Doctor Who Magazine's "Mighty 200" poll.  Some of us can only remember the crappy CSO, while others have a special place for this story in the cockles of their warm little hearts.  Does this story truly deserve its reputation as one of the five worst stories of all time.  Time (and several jiggers of bubble gum vodka) will only tell.

We also poke a bit at the previous evening's contribution to the Eleventh Doctor's range, "Closing Time."  Fun little romp or waste of time twaddle?  Time (and a few cigarettes) will only tell.

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