We've been doing this little podcast for just over two years, and it occurred to us suddenly that we've never had a Christmas episode.  Every other podcast seems to be cashing in on this holiday thing, so we figured we'd just jump in and join the fray.  Join us as we exchange gifts, drink egg nog, and talk about "The Feast of Steven," Doctor Who's first ever Christmas episode.  See you next year, kids.

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And so we've come to this.  The bottom of the bucket.  The last frontier.  Number 200 in Doctor Who Magazine's poll: "The Twin Dilemma."  Is it as bad as they say?  Can we sit through an hour and half of this without wanting to strangle those twins and make a couple of bookends?  Frankly, we're a little relieved to get these five episodes behind us and start reviewing some good stuff.  Like maybe "Fear Her."  Or perhaps even some Pertwee, right Steve?  Join us and Lord Zimon as we imbibe and discuss.

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