This time we take an interesting turn, with a review of “The Web of Fear”, featuring one of our favorites, Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor.

Or do we?  We did, after all, record on December 21, 2012…are you still around to hear this?

(Warning: Chicanery and spoilers abound!)

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We haven’t talked about Big Finish for a while now, so it was time to recruit Doctor Who podcasting’s foremost expert on Big Finish audio plays, John Brannigan of Cyber Testicle and Radio Rassilon fame, to drink and talk about Peri and the Piscon Paradox, an edition of Big Finish’s Companion Chronicles range by Nev Fountain and featuring – you guessed it! – Nicola Bryant as Peri.

There’s some talk about the story, some talk about Nicola Bryant and our inability to revoke the restraining order, and a little bit of talk about the current series that might just make you put your thumb on your chin and go “Hmmm.”

Insert the usual crap here.  Facebook.  Email.  Twitter via @tardistavern and @tardistaverntit, plus catch John via @digspinach (hehe, it rhymes with “Big Finish”).

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Interview with a Blue Delvian Priestess

For all of our listeners who happen to be Farscape fans I would like to direct you to the Omega Podcast’s recent interview with Virginia Hey (Zhaan).  Wes, co-host of the Omega Podcast, knew of my love for this non-Doctor Who program and invited me to ride side-saddle during the interview.  We both asked the lovely Ms. Hey questions about her time on Farscape and her future projects.  

Omega Podcast’s Virginia Hey Interview:

After listening please take a look at her web presence.

Virginia Hey’s Main Site:

Virginia Hey’s Indiegogo page:

Virginia Hey’s Facebook page:

If this interview fuels your hunger for Farscape discussion (Tavern style) then please listen to TARDIS Tavern’s episode # 60 where we discuss this iconic show with guest bartender and Farscape fan David aka Draculasaurus. 

TARDIS Tavern Episode #60:

And if you haven’t already, subscribe to the Omega Podcast for more Doctor Who podcasting goodness.

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Fresh off of the first half of Series Seven, we just couldn’t get enough of the Eleventh Doctor.  At the behest of our friend Erik from The Doctor Who Book Club Podcast, we watched and discussed “The Big Bang” and “The Pandorica Opens” with him.  For those of you that listen to the very best in Doctor Who podcasting, you may know that Sean and Steve appeared on A Mostly Harmless Cutaway with our other friends Eric and Josh when these episodes first aired.  Have our opinions changed after viewing it again.  Is Erik alone in thinking this two-parter is the bee’s knees?

As usual, the cocktails flowed freely (at least for two of us, ahem) and we saw a mutual friend of the podcast, Erika (whom you may recall from our “Pertwee Extravaganza” not long ago), and asked her to join the fray.  The result is an hour and 47 minutes of insightful philosophical discussion on the story.  Also, we get really drunk. 

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Shout out goes to Anthony Perry for the end of show song Industrial Cyberdisco Remix.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_72.mp3
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We’re back, we’re drunk, and we have opinions about the latest episodes.  Just when you thought it was safe to download another Doctor Who podcast, we’re here!  Listen to find out what we thought of “A Town Called Mercy”, “The Power of Three”, and “The Angels Take Manhattan”.  We like to keep things spoiler-free, but here’s a preview: the two of us only really agree on one of the three!

So pour yourself a glass of wine, beer, scotch, vodka, or whatever and sit back and relax as we talk about stuff a whole month after every Doctor Who podcast has already covered.

Send us hate mail at, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, and of course check out our growing community on Facebook!

Special mention goes to Beyond The Epilogue for the end of show song Dr Who (Metal Theme).

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_71.mp3
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We’re jumping on the Doctor Who podcast bandwagon and taking a peek at “Asylum of the Daleks” and “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”.  Will the bile flow as usual towards the Moff and his masturbatory story arcs?  Or will we embrace the evil?  Will we enjoy what is clearly meant as this season’s “throw away” episode?  Listen and find out!  Free pie and punch await for the first ten listeners (in other words, all of you). 

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With Season (er...I mean SERIES) Seven just a couple weeks away, we thought it was time to put our collective heads together with David and Marty from Hoo on Who and talk about our predictions and hopes for the upcoming series.

Seeing that most of the time all four of us tend to natter on about Classic Who, we thought that you, the good listeners, would like to hear what we think about the current series (aside from Sean's incessant bile regarding the Moff).

And after that...Sean and Steve jump into Dave and Marty's TARDIS and travel to the titanium bunker for a very, very special crossover episode of Hoo on Who.  History is made as we're actually drunker on that podcast than our own!

Facebook,, blah blah blah.  But follow us on Twitter: Sean via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, David via @davidhooie , and Marty via @mhooie.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_69.mp3
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Steve has finally joined us from his (turns out) travels from not-so-far-abroad with tales of suspense and intrigue.  For the first time since we’d like to remember, it’s just the two of your usual humble hosts for this episode…and we all hope, of course, that Steve stays on for quite a while to come.

Carrying on from Episode 65, in which we discussed “Kinda”, we’ve decided to let things run their natural course and review its sequel, “Snakedance”, featuring the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, and Tegan.  Did these reviewers fall under Martin Clunes’ devilish charm?  Has one of them been influenced a bit too much by the Mara?  Can we think of more useless waffling to make this introduction longer?  Listen and find out!

Oh yeah, there’s also an interview…stay tuned for more!

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Special thanks goes to the talented Curt Watkins with his end of show song CyphaRemix.  This mix and many more can be found at Who Mix (

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_68.mp3
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Whilst Steve remains in an undisclosed location fighting crime and making the world a better place, Sean holds down the fort still, this time with our old friend Erika and Steven from Radio Free Skaro.  Our first idea was to review "The Idiot's Lantern" in view of the diamond jubilee, then we realized this wouldn't be released until July, so you know, fuck that.

Given free reign to choose a topic, as our guests often do, Erika selected "The King's Demons", much to the chagrin of Steven and the relief of Sean who realized he only had to watch two episodes.  Short and sweet?  Or does this story just fester like a tiny deer turd on the forest floor.  Listen and find out!

Facebook, blah blah blah,, blah blah blah, @tardistavern.  Also follow Erika on Twitter via @HollyGoDarkly and Steven via @legopolis, for the zero of you who have a Twitter account and don't follow them already.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_67.mp3
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With Steve collecting ice samples in Antarctica, we have more chances to have new and exciting people at the Tavern.  We're happy and proud to present (Professor) Dave and Elizabeth, co-hosts of not one but two podcasts: Professor Dave's Ark in Space and The DWO Whocast.

And what better story to chat about than "The Ark in Space"?  Fiberglass Wirrn, green bubble wrap that begs to be popped, and claustrophobia!  What else can you possibly ask for?

As usual, feel free to send us bitch mail at and also join us on Facebook (we need more followers!).  Follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, Dave via @davidkeep1964, and Elizabeth via @lizaanne42.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_66.mp3
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We’re back!  It’s been a while since we’ve skipped along that old familiar path of classic Doctor Who, what with the current series in limbo and all that, but we’re back and happy as ever to bring you our thoughts on the Fifth Doctor story “Kinda”.

Unfortunately, after 64 episodes of Steve-goodness, for the first time ever he was unable to join us.  Steve is spending a little time in a monastery, praying or making win or something.  Or perhaps he saw “Kinda” before us and just went totally Buddha.

Nevertheless, we are joined once again by our friend Andre and Hannah, who has provided us with some slamming commentary in the past.  So please grab a fork, dig in, and enjoy the new meat!

Drop us feedback at and look for us on Facebook, too!  Also follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, Andre via @AndreT_NY, and Hannah via @WhoLiveBlogFeed.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_65.mp3
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“The Unicorn and the Wasp” isn’t exactly a conspicuous story, but after churning out three Pertwees and “The Caves of Androzani”, it seemed to go down smooth and sweet.  In fact, we haven’t talked about a Tenth Doctor and Donna since way, way back when we did “Partners in Crime.”  So enjoy!

If you’re the slightest bit disappointed by this topic, keep listening.  Our roving reporter Andre Tessier got to sit down with none other than Eighth Doctor himself, Paul McGann!  What do you think he’ll have to drink?  (Spoiler: red wine.)

Feel free to send yummy feedback to us at, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, and Andre via @andret_ny.  Oh yeah, don’t forget Facebook and GetGlue!

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_64.mp3
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Having took time to detox from February's misadventures and not-so-fresh off of our reviews of the so-called five worst stories of all time, we're joined by Lord Zimon to review the so-called best story of all time, "The Caves of Androzani."

What happens when you mix scotch with spectrox?  Delusions of grandeur or the delightful ecstacy of a time gone by?  Listen closely, friends, as we unpeel the laytex mask behind one of Robert Holmes' latest (and perhaps greatest) stories.!

Follow us on Facebook, catch Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, and Josh via @whomejz.  We like audio feedback, because sometimes we're too loopy on spectrox to read some of it out loud, so send it to

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This past weekend marked the 23rd Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles and, once again, we attended the festivities with hopes of bringing the fun to those of our listeners who could not make it.  We were a bit more successful this year than last year (which was more like The Lost Weekend than a Doctor Who convention), and on Saturday night we hosted an impromptu "live recording" in our room.  Free booze was provided, thus attendance was somewhat decent.

Our guests included our own roving reporter Andre Tessier (@AndreT_NY), Paul and Pete of The Pharos Project podcast (@KungFuYoda and @beastmasterpete respectivley), Nicole (@boozeleprechaun), Sarah (@sourcitruslady), Melissa (@Bellaira), John (Twitter handle unknown at this time, but we bet he has one), our friend Bob from Houston, and our hotel neighbors Miranda and Sam who came crossplaying as the Seventh Doctor and Ace.

In the coming months we hope to present you with a bit more that we collected from Gallifrey, but for now sit back and relax and listen to our impressions of the first two days.

Facebook, GetGlue, blah blah blah, you know the drill.  Follow us on Twitter at @tardistavern and @tardistaverntit and, as a result of our activities throughout the weekend, we will accept process of service via email at

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_62.mp3
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On this very, very special of The TARDIS Tavern, we confront Steve once again with his biggest Doctor Who fear: The Third Doctor!  We are joined by our good friends Chris Burgess of Radio Free Skaro and podcast newcomer Erika (known for those of you on Twitter as @HollyGoDarkly).  We examine not just one but three (yes, three!) Third Doctor stories: "Terror of the Autons," "The Curse of Peladon," and "The Time Warrior."

Those of you that are longtime listeners may notice that this is one of our longest episodes ever!  And after an hour and a half of recording (plus half an hour of pre-show cocktails), some people can hold their liquor better than others.  It truly does mark the anniversary of Gallifrey 22!  So pull up a pitcher or a cuppa, light a fire or a cigarette, and enjoy...our Pertwee Extravaganza!

Follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, Chris via @dubbayoo, and Erika via @HollyGoDarkly.  Please also join us on Facebook and email us at  By the way, we're a little backed on reading feedback lately, so bear with our drunken asses.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_61.mp3
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Because we can't talk about Doctor Who all the time, we thought we'd do a complete 180 this time and talk about a different science fiction show that isn't so, um...well, Doctor Who-ee.  Steve has long been ranting and raving about this show called Farscape (1999-2003), so we'd thought we'd give it a spin.  Joining us is our friend David (better known as "Draculasaurus" among fans), who is also a big Farscape fan.  This is, however, the first time for Sean to see a single episode, so listen in as he gets his proverbial cherry popped.

Please email us at, join us on Facebook, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, and David via @draculasaurus13.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_60.mp3
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Right on the tail of our sixtieth, we are joined by our new roving reporter, Andre Tessier, a frequent listener and friend of the show.  We dive into another Third Doctor story, "The Green Death."  Will Steve finally see the error of his ways and join the Cult of Pertwee?  Or can we expect more hate mail, lined with frills and velvet?

As our newly-designated "roving reporter," Andre brings us an exclusive interview with author and script editor Gary Russell, interviewed at the latest DWNY event.  We think he wouldn't have given us the time of day if he really knew who we are (thanks, Sean), but it was jolly sweet of him to sit down with us.

And, finally, we have some lovely audio feedback from longtime listener Hannah, as well as an email from Robert "Richard" Kulp.

Join us on Facebook, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, or email us at  We'll send you all of our left over egg nog!

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