Steve has finally joined us from his (turns out) travels from not-so-far-abroad with tales of suspense and intrigue.  For the first time since we’d like to remember, it’s just the two of your usual humble hosts for this episode…and we all hope, of course, that Steve stays on for quite a while to come.

Carrying on from Episode 65, in which we discussed “Kinda”, we’ve decided to let things run their natural course and review its sequel, “Snakedance”, featuring the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, and Tegan.  Did these reviewers fall under Martin Clunes’ devilish charm?  Has one of them been influenced a bit too much by the Mara?  Can we think of more useless waffling to make this introduction longer?  Listen and find out!

Oh yeah, there’s also an interview…stay tuned for more!

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Special thanks goes to the talented Curt Watkins with his end of show song CyphaRemix.  This mix and many more can be found at Who Mix (

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Whilst Steve remains in an undisclosed location fighting crime and making the world a better place, Sean holds down the fort still, this time with our old friend Erika and Steven from Radio Free Skaro.  Our first idea was to review "The Idiot's Lantern" in view of the diamond jubilee, then we realized this wouldn't be released until July, so you know, fuck that.

Given free reign to choose a topic, as our guests often do, Erika selected "The King's Demons", much to the chagrin of Steven and the relief of Sean who realized he only had to watch two episodes.  Short and sweet?  Or does this story just fester like a tiny deer turd on the forest floor.  Listen and find out!

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