Watching an "Adventure in Space and Time" got us hungry for smoking Cybermen, so we opened our freshly delivered packages from Amazon to watch and discuss "The Tenth Planet".

This is the one where Hartnell regenerates (oops, spoilers!) so keep your ears peeled for the sound of these old bodies saying what we think of it.  Also, I don't like your hair.  Also, some long-overdue feedback!

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November 23, 2013.  A day that Who fans will likely remember for the rest of their lives.  We went to see The Day of the Doctor together, and then did a "live" episode at DFW Whofest, the Dallas convention that totally blew our minds and expectations.  Plus, we were kind of sober when we recorded this one.  So that's a first.

Plus...a CONTEST!  Listen until the end and you can learn how to be two lucky listeners who can win a copy of The Day of the Doctor on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Honestly, a good time was had by all.  Oh, and we're pretty much sober.

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This time we trod off the well-beaten path and, rather than discuss a traditional Doctor Who story, we chose Steven Moffat’s 1999 Comic Relief special, Curse of the Fatal Death.  Fasten your seat belts and prepare yourself for five more new Doctors, architectural bribery, and Dalek bumps.  All in all, it should be a jolly good time.

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Add one part “The Seeds of Doom”, one part “Robots of Death”, and a dash of “Murder on the Orient Express” and you get “Terror of the Vervoids”, this episode’s topic of discussion.  Do the mounting bodies and the creatures that look uncannily like female reproductive parts make for a snoozefest?  Or do the intrigue, mystery, and drama make for a great story?  Grab a glass of carrot juice and vodka and find out!

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If there is one thing we’re not known for, it’s being sober and providing our listeners with up-date-reviews on stories that have either just aired or just been released on DVD.  Therefore, it was time we brought you our thoughts on “The Ice Warriors”, which was released on DVD last month and features two missing episodes that have been animated by the restoration team a la “The Invasion” and “The Reign of Terror”.

If you’re looking for drunken banter on Patrick Troughton, Victoria, and a bunch of scientists with uninspiring names, then look no further.  Not that we have any competition from other podcasts in that department to worry about it.

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Add one part Seventh Doctor, one part Ace, one part Glitz, and take away a pinch of Mel and you have “Dragonfire”, this episodes special selection chosen by our special guests Andre Tessier and Ken Deep of 2013’s Long Island Who convention.

It’s a long one.  We talk about podcasts, conventions, fun times, and eventually wind up talking about the story in question.  Promise…we do.  And it’s one of the raunchiest, innuendo-filled episodes of The TARDIS Tavern to date.  What a treat!

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If there’s one thing we both love, it’s films and television shows on Blu-Ray.  If there’s one thing Steve is kind of ambivalent about, it’s the Pertwee era.  Put the two together, and we couldn’t resist talking about the recent release of “Spearhead from Space” on Blu-Ray.

Disclaimer 1:  This is not an intervention.  Steve purchased the copy of “Spearhead from Space” on his own volition and with his own money.  We planned to do something else for this episode, but it fell through, and so we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to talk about it.

Disclaimer 2:  This description makes it appear as though Steve was dragged kicking and screaming into this project by Sean, and this episode will consist primarily of Steve grumbling and Sean squeeing.  You might just be surprised.

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This time we’re happy and honored to have Deb Stanish from the Parsec-nominated Doctor Who podcast, Verity!  (That exclamation point is part of the title, not that we’re super excited and all that she can join us, because we are.)  Deb is also known as the editor of such books as Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon by the Women Who Love Them and Chicks Unravel Time: Women Journey Through Every Season of Doctor Who.  Ooooh, we have an academic at the bar!  Let’s pump her full of whiskey and see what she has to say!

This time we turn our sights to a more recent time: “The God Complex” which aired as recent as September of 2011.  And I hope you can taste the irony of that word “recent”, because if you do your math you would realize that’s about two years ago, yet it was just last season.  Ah, Doctor Who, you are a slow, sometimes tortuous machine.  But we love you.

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Sometimes you just want to re-watch one of those classic favorites.  Thus, we present our serious academic discussion of “Pyramids of Mars”.  ‘Nuff said.

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It’s been a couple weeks.  And we were going to send you a discussion of “Pyramids of Mars”.  But we couldn’t resist…here is the first ever TARDIS TAVERN SPECIAL REPORT!!

Peter Capaldi has been announced as the Twelfth Doctor.  If the reports on the internet hadn’t told us about this first, we would have been shocked.  But would we have been happy?  Find out in this, our first min-episode.

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