Episode 76: The Wrong Podcast

There are two things we learned since recording this podcast.  The first is never to drink while listening or watching the subject matter that you’re going to review.  The second is that we have a soft spot for Big Finish.  We’ve had our stinkers (Red Dawn) and our triumphs (Peri and the Pescon Paradox), so we dipped our fingers into the audio vault once again and pulled out Big Finish’s most recent of its main line of stories, The Wrong Doctors.

So with that join us as we jump a train to Pease Pottage and visit two Melanie Bushes, two Sixth Doctors (one in blue and the other in his traditional patchwork coat), dinosaurs, and singing septuagenarians.  If that sounds a little confusing, just imagine if you were drunk. 

End of show music credit goes to Roland Olah and his "Dirty Who" mix.  If you enjoy this mix and want to hear more like it please visit whomix.trilete.net.

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