On the eve of the broadcast of “The Bells of St. John’s”, naturally we couldn’t resist not reviewing it.  Instead, we go back in time to September of 2011, which broad us such classics as “The Girl Who Waited”, “A Good Man Goes to War”, and the topic of this episode, the overlooked and often forgotten “Night Terrors”.

Plus there’s gossip about the rumors circulating regarding the up and coming release of the JNT biography and the muckraking regarding Matt Smith’s leaving the show.  And feedback, don’t forget the feedback.

On another night, we will continue to chat about the new series, but will still focus on reviews of older Doctor Who stories, so stay tuned in about a week’s time when we will release a short discussion of the first two episodes aired for Series 7B, and a longer discussion of a certain Fourth Doctor story from 1980.

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pot-pour-ri \pō-pů-‘rē\ n [F pot pourri, lit. rotten pot] 1 : a jar of flower petals and spices used for scent  2 : a miscellaneous collection : MEDLEY

No, this isn’t the flower show episode.  Rather, as promised, we give you a quick review of the video game Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, some discussion about the upcoming second-half of Series Seven, and (we haven’t brought you one of these in a while) an interview with Daphne Ashbrook, star of the 1996 TV movie.

Special thanks to our own roving reporter Andre Tessier for interviewing Ms. Ashbrook at this year’s Gallifrey convention.  (Or was it from last year?  We were too drunk to tell.)

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To give the impression that there is some rhyme to our reason, Episode 77 just needed to have a story aired in 1977, so there was a smorgasbord of Fourth Doctor and Leela yumminess to choose from.  We like mysteries and we like robots, so naturally we had to turn our sights onto “The Robots of Death”, that madcap little adventure that could be a cross between Alien and a Dick Tracy comic.

There’s talk of Gallifrey past (I missed you, Steve!) and a hint of feedback (thank you, Dr. Phil!).  And plenty of scotch and vodka, although not mixed together.

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