Way back in 2006, a little episode called “Fear Her” aired, and it’s been vilified by fandom ever since.  We hadn’t seen it in years, so we wanted to find out if it was really as bad as everyone says it is.  Like it or not, one can thank providence that the arrangers of the 2012 Olympics either just didn’t see this, or specifically chose not to go that route.

Oh yeah, and Sean goes on a drunken rampage against Ian Levine.

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With all of these mundane little stories we’re covering, you’re no doubt saying, “But Sean and Steve, when are you going to tackle something really classic, like ‘City of Death’ or ‘Fear Her’?”  (That second one was a joke.)  Wait no more: in this episode we discuss the 1975 six-parter from Tom Baker’s first season as the Doctor, featuring Sarah Jane and Harry.  That’s right, it’s finally time for “Genesis of the Daleks”!  If you don’t like this story, we’ll have to find out what’s wrong with you…by autopsy.

Oh, there’s also this little bit of news to discuss about Matt Smith leaving.

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