Add one part Seventh Doctor, one part Ace, one part Glitz, and take away a pinch of Mel and you have “Dragonfire”, this episodes special selection chosen by our special guests Andre Tessier and Ken Deep of 2013’s Long Island Who convention.

It’s a long one.  We talk about podcasts, conventions, fun times, and eventually wind up talking about the story in question.  Promise…we do.  And it’s one of the raunchiest, innuendo-filled episodes of The TARDIS Tavern to date.  What a treat!

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If there’s one thing we both love, it’s films and television shows on Blu-Ray.  If there’s one thing Steve is kind of ambivalent about, it’s the Pertwee era.  Put the two together, and we couldn’t resist talking about the recent release of “Spearhead from Space” on Blu-Ray.

Disclaimer 1:  This is not an intervention.  Steve purchased the copy of “Spearhead from Space” on his own volition and with his own money.  We planned to do something else for this episode, but it fell through, and so we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to talk about it.

Disclaimer 2:  This description makes it appear as though Steve was dragged kicking and screaming into this project by Sean, and this episode will consist primarily of Steve grumbling and Sean squeeing.  You might just be surprised.

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