Add one part “The Seeds of Doom”, one part “Robots of Death”, and a dash of “Murder on the Orient Express” and you get “Terror of the Vervoids”, this episode’s topic of discussion.  Do the mounting bodies and the creatures that look uncannily like female reproductive parts make for a snoozefest?  Or do the intrigue, mystery, and drama make for a great story?  Grab a glass of carrot juice and vodka and find out!

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If there is one thing we’re not known for, it’s being sober and providing our listeners with up-date-reviews on stories that have either just aired or just been released on DVD.  Therefore, it was time we brought you our thoughts on “The Ice Warriors”, which was released on DVD last month and features two missing episodes that have been animated by the restoration team a la “The Invasion” and “The Reign of Terror”.

If you’re looking for drunken banter on Patrick Troughton, Victoria, and a bunch of scientists with uninspiring names, then look no further.  Not that we have any competition from other podcasts in that department to worry about it.

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