Just when you thought your buoyant hosts were going to go the way of the Titanic, they make it to the shore of a deserted island to find an empty beach, a floatable portable bar, and…Doctor Phil Serna of the Adventures in Time, Space, and Music podcast!

What better time to relax, catch our breath, and talk about something important.  You know, like “The Deadly Assassin”!  So grab a pint of Gallifreyan ale and join the fun as we debate how many regenerations a Time Lord really has!

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Cashing in on our recent good luck in winning a free cruise to South Africa from a Nigerian sweepstakes, Episode 104 is set on shipboard.  Amidst sipping cocktails, laying by the pool, and playing shuffleboard, we set our sights on Christmas: specifically, what is regarded as one of the worst Christmas episodes ever in Doctor Who, “Voyage of the Damned”.

Will we be in the majority, panning this episode as a smear of crap in what was otherwise a decent year for the show?  Or will we take pleasure in all of the Christmas carnage that Russell T. Davies serves up?  Pour yourself a pina colada, listen, and find out!

Oh yeah, and we also manage to offend pretty much every minority group.  But if you’re not over that after 103 episodes, then that’s your problem.

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We hired a team of actuaries to research and tell us which of the Doctor’s incarnations’ episodes do we review the least often.  The unanimous response was the Ninth Doctor.  After Sean talked Steve off a windowsill after suggested “Aliens in London/World War III”, we settled on the one that started it all.

Thus, without further ado, we present our thoughts on 1980’s sitcoms with dead actors, followed by an in-depth discussion of “Rose”.

Don’t like us?  Think we’re a couple of drunks that are too big for our britches?  Then go listen to Radio Free Skaro and email us at tardistavern@gmail, like us on Facebook, or follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern.  (Note for the noobs: the Facebook page gets a lot more action than the Twitter account.)

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