Having bid farewell to the late Chris Burgess, our heroes discover that Erika and Kat, both from Verity!, have taken up lives as jungle Amazons!  (Stories of their four co-hosts being cannibalized may have been exaggerated.)

As we push aside the corpse of the late Radio Free Skaro co-host, we settle down with our two favorite Amazonians to discuss Robert Holmes’ “The Sun Makers”.  And, we assure you, this has nothing to do with the fact that April 15 is just behind us.

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When we left our heroes in Episode 107, they were being stalked in the woods (or is it a jungle?) by an unknown and definitely large beast.  Their fears have been allayed, however, as the beast turns out to be none other than Chris Burgess of Radio Free Skaro.

Without further ado or pondering why so many Doctor Who podcasters coincidentally are on this island, the three of them travel back in time to the Hartnell era for a deep insightful discussion of “The Ark”, featuring the First Doctor, Steven, and Dodo.

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