With the blood of yet another guest host on their hands, our brave hosts seek refuge at an all too familiar restaurant and exchange witter banter about nothing.  After that's done, they focus their attention on the Second Doctor romp "The Enemy of the World", in which Patrick Troughton dons black face and a questionable accent.  Order a big salad, be the master of your domain, and listen in as they talk about whether this is a brilliant gem of a story or one better left undiscovered.


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We awaken from our short visit in purgatory in the nursing embrace of Andre Tessier of L.I. Who.  Sean and Steve are off the island and in the safety of civilization, but will they survive the emergency room and the D.T’s without a drop of alcohol in sight?

To keep our minds at ease, we discuss the epic Sixth Doctor and Peri story “Mindwarp”, as you do.  Is it Syltastic?  Or a disgrace to 1980’s “Doctor Who”?  Grab some marsh minnows to munch on and listen in.

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