Our journey through a wintry wonderland continues with our second installment in our countdown of our selected Christmas specials, "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe".  (Let me take this time to say that I fully endorse the use of the Oxford comma and judge the BBC for not using it.)

To return a favor from three years ago, the Doctor inserts himself into the lives of a family of three, enticing them to an abandoned mansion with plans of bringing them to a magical alien world on Christmas morning.  And then, of course, everything goes tits up, the magical wonderland is not what it seems, and in true Moffat style, dead people come back to life and everyone lives happily every after.  (Oops, spoilers!)

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Episode 122: Countdown to Christmas, Part 1

Tired of listening to podcasts about Series Eight, Steven Moffat, and Peter Capaldi?  Then wait no more, because we exist to go against the grain of the Doctor Who podcasting community.  It's just a few more weeks until Christmas, so we're going to do things Casey Kasem style until then and dedicate some time to analyzing those episodes which tend to get the short shrift because of their odd placement in the show's schedule, existing in the limbo between two separate seasons and airing at a time when we have other things on our minds.  That's right, we're turning our sights to the Christmas episodes.

We'll begin this journey in 2008, back when RTD was the showrunner, David Tennant was the Doctor, and most people on this side of the pond thought David Morrissey was probably the full name of that weird English pop star.  This episode we'll be talking about "The Next Doctor".

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First off, in the most masturbatory way possible, we would like to wish ourselves HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  It was five years ago from the release of this episode that we published our very first one, and our livers are begging us to stop.

But now for more serious business.  This time we’re joined by our friend Chris Spencer whom we had the pleasure of meeting at DFW Whofest last year (that was a year ago, wow!) to discuss most of the second half of Series Eight, from “Kill the Moon” to “In the Forest of the Night”.  (Yes, we know this is being released the day after “Dark Water” aired, but what do we look like, a real professional podcast that actually does things in a timely manner?)  Also, by the way, we’ve died and gone to hell.

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