We continue our Countdown to Christmas in a familiar animated Colorado hamlet, joining a group of friendly adorable schoolchildren on their way to school.  This, of course, is just set dressing for our discussion of the next holiday special on our list (they're in no particular order), "A Christmas Carol".  Will Dumbledore find redemption in this science fiction twist on the Dickens classic?  Will true love be found at the end?  Will fish fly?  If you don't know the answers to these questions, you probably haven't seen the epiosde...so go watch it before you listen to these drunken fools yammer on about it!

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Having escaped the frozen wasteland, our heroes find themselves taking refuge in a very familiar (and very haunted) hotel.  As Lloyd the Guest Bartender pours the drinks, the topic of Christmas comes up once again, and we continue the third installment of our scintillating discussions of the holiday episodes with the Tenth Doctor's official first story, "The Christmas Invasion".

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