Episode 141: Salvation and Damnation

The time has come once again to circle back to something new in the world of Doctor Who, so we decided to go for something extremely divisive and controversial.

No, we won't be talking about "Daleks in Manhattan" (at least not yet), but rather the Second Series episode "Love and Monsters", featuring (sort of) the Tenth Doctor and Rose, a guy named Elton, and an alien that represents every troll that has ever made any Doctor Who fan group unfun.

Is "Love and Monsters" a droll piece of crap that should have been flushed down Russell T. Davis' loo?  Or is it a great symbolic romp with so much beneath that cheesy surface?  Take a listen and find out what we think!

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Episode 140: Radiation Gloves

51 years before Clara climbed inside of a Dalek, Ian Chesterton did the same thing.  The Daleks of yesteryear didn't fly, travel in time or space, and relied on static electricity to get around.  This time around we settle on an all-too-familiar planet and discuss "The Daleks", the story that started Britain's obsession with the exterminating pepper pots.  Does "The Daleks" stand the test of time, or is it as clunky as William Hartnell's line bloopers?

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