Episode 155: The Game Master's Master Plan

Our intrepid heroes are visited once again by Josh Zimon (of the Doctor Who: The High Council podcast), but the merriment is cut short when he tears away his disguise to reveal that he is none other...than the Game Master!  [Insert thunder here.]

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Episode 154: Don't be Such a Babydoll!

Ah, the 1940's.  The War.  The fashions.  The big band music.  And the water zombies.  Will the Doctor and Ace be able to play their next move in the so-called "Cartmel Master Plan", or will Fenric reign supreme?

Spoiler: The Doctor and Ace defeat Fenric.  But is the voyage there yet another cheesy jaunt in the Seventh Doctor's era, or is this the masterpiece that some fans say it is?  Listen in as we discuss it.

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Episode 153: Dawn of the Mawdryn Undead

After shitting all over Steven Moffat, we're back!  And we want to cleanse our palette with a classic Who story from the Davison era, "Mawdryn Undead".  There's exposed brains, time travel, disgusting bodies, Tegan, Nyssa, a guy with a crow on his head, and a traitorous redhead who talks to his hand.  Joining us is Phil from the Braving Babylon 5 podcast, who graciously stayed up into the wee hours in England to put up with our drunk asses.

In the name of all that is evil, give it a listen and find out if it goes down as smoothly as an undead alien gliding through a recreational spaceship, or if it's as ridiculous as mistaking any old charred corpse for Peter Davison.  Spoiler: opinions differ!  Tempers flare!  Garbo laughs!

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Episode 152: Say Something Nice

After exploring the depths of "The Underwater Menace", our heroes jump ahead to the current era of Doctor Who to talk about Steve once coined "a generic Capaldi two-parter".  That's right, it's "Dark Water" and "Death in Heaven", the dramatic conclusion to one of the most beloved series of the program ever!

Why isn't Dr. Chang Chinese?  What's so dreadful about St. Paul's Cathedral?  Is Peter Capaldi sexier with the big hair or the short hair?  All these questions and more might be answered in our latest episode!

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Episode 151: Nuzzing in zee Vorld

Time has, for the most part, come to the end of the DVD range of Doctor Who.  And it ended, some would say, not with a bang but with a whimper...with the recently found missing episode of "The Underwater" menace, the BBC was quick to capitalize on their new find by quickly releasing the story on DVD.  Is this the new "Enemy of the World"?  Or should "The Underwater Menace" be tossed into the Time Lash?

Listen in as we discuss preposterous fish people, sonic mining, the trouble with triple companions, and what may be one of our favorite villains of all time.

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Episode 150: Best Episode Ever!

We've made it to 150 episodes!  To celebrate, we present you with a "very special episode" of The TARDIS Tavern, in which we pull back the curtain to reveal some the magic behind the scenes and what makes our happy little podcast tick.

Also, we both discuss our favorite story in each Doctor's era, irregardless of whether we've officially talked about it on the podcast or not.  Enjoy and have a slice of birthday cake on us!

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Episode 149: Colonoscopy in Space

What do you get when have a class struggle between the bearded environmentalists, a greedy corporation, a hologram lizard, the Third Doctor, and Jo?  You get "Colony in Space" a would-be epic six-parter from the Pertwee era.  Is this a standout story?  Or is it worthy of the name we gave it in the title of this episode?  Listen in and find out!

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Episode 148: The Game Master Invasion of Earth

WE'RE BAAAACK!  And we're joined by our nemesis from the nether regions, the Game Master.  Will we answer the questions correctly and escape with our lives, or will the Game Master reign triumphant and collect our souls?  Listen in and find out!

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Episode 147: The Tragic Death of Mr. Fibuli

Our heroes focus again on the classic series, this time with a short visit to the "Key to Time" series with "The Pirate Planet", featuring the Fourth Doctor and Romana I.  Is this a Douglas Adams masterpiece?  Or just another trumped up swashbuckler?  Listen and find out!

In the meantime, your brave hosts through space and time find themselves in a very familiar bar...although it's probably not the one you're thinking of....

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Episode 146: The Singing Towers of Darrillium

Putting things back on track, our heroes find themselves immersed in the world of politics.  To distract themselves, they go back to the topic they planned on discussing when we last met them: "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead", written by Steven Moffat and featuring the Tenth Doctor and Donna.  And, since they really enjoy celebrating Christmas in February, they also dip their little piggies into "The Husbands of River Song".

Also, news and stuff that was probably covered more thoroughly by other podcasts weeks ago.

We like email and feedback, so send it to us at tardistavern@gmail.com.  Also look for us on Facebook.  All the kids are doing it.

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Episode 145: The Bullshit Episode

After a relaxing holiday, we're back!  And we're going to talk about "The Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead".  That is, we were, until...squirrel!

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