Episode 150: Best Episode Ever!

We've made it to 150 episodes!  To celebrate, we present you with a "very special episode" of The TARDIS Tavern, in which we pull back the curtain to reveal some the magic behind the scenes and what makes our happy little podcast tick.

Also, we both discuss our favorite story in each Doctor's era, irregardless of whether we've officially talked about it on the podcast or not.  Enjoy and have a slice of birthday cake on us!

Send hate mail to tardistavern@gmail.com and leave nice feedback for us on iTunes.  Once we get 100 positive reviews, we'll do naked wrestling for our 200th episode.

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Episode 149: Colonoscopy in Space

What do you get when have a class struggle between the bearded environmentalists, a greedy corporation, a hologram lizard, the Third Doctor, and Jo?  You get "Colony in Space" a would-be epic six-parter from the Pertwee era.  Is this a standout story?  Or is it worthy of the name we gave it in the title of this episode?  Listen in and find out!

Send us hate mail at tardistavern@gmail.com, look for our popular page on Facebook, and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern.

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