After a short hiatus, during which we focused our attention on...well, other stuff, we return with a fun-packed and booze-soaked discussion of "The Tomb of the Cybermen", also none as "The One That Was Found in a Church Basement".  There's hand-holding, computer mice, and racism.  In other words, just another evening at The TARDIS Tavern.

You can email us stuff at and join the fun on our Facebook page.  It's where all the cool kids hang out.

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Sean and Steve are joined by Mike Erickson of DFW Whofest who serves up a helping of tea and shade talking about his personal experiences running cons.  SEE Peter Davison eat a whole bowl of queso!  HEAR Mark Strickson drunkenly slur his words!  SMELL Colin Baker in the sweltering Texas heat!

Oh, and we may just have time in the end to talk about "Kill the Moon". (Spoilers: IT'S ABOUT ABORTION!)

Send email that we'll probably read out loud to and also check out our Facebook page, which is as burgeoning as a pubescent teen!

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This episode Steve and Sean are joined by guest bartender Stephen Webb of The Coal Hill A/V Club podcast, who chose quote the morsel for them to suck on and ingest: "The Ultimate Foe", the final Sixth Doctor story.

True, it's only two episodes long, but there is so so soooo much to talk about here.  Is "The Ultimate Foe" a cacophony of style and celebration?  Or is it just an old, dried-up piece of hard candy, dropped on the carpet and covered with hair and ants?  Listen in and find out?

Email us stuff at, check out out growing-more-popular-by-the-year Facebook page, and follow Sean on Twitter every other week via @tardistavern.  You can also follow Stephen Webb via @geeklectic.

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Seeing that the time had lapsed on those temporary restraining orders, we ventured outside our homes once again and attended another convention, DFW Whofest 4 in Dallas.  This episode we talk about some of our experiences with friends as well as guests at the convention, followed by a recording of the "TARDIS Tavern Live" in which we were permitted to spend an hour with Mark Strickson (he's the one who played Turlough during the Fifth Doctor era) under close supervision of hotel security.  Listen in as we wax nostalgic about the highs and lows of the weekend!

Feel free to email us at, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, and join our popular Facebook page!

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Do you ever get that feeling, as you're leaving the house to go to work, that you forgot something?  Maybe it's your car keys, or maybe it's your briefcase, or maybe it's the very thing that holds all of time and space together and is the key to all that is good and evil?  That's what the White Guardian must have felt just minutes before "The Ribos Operation" took place.

Is "The Ribos Operation" another brilliant Robert Holmes triple act?  Or is it not even worth its weight in jethrik?  Listen in as we discuss!

Want us to read your opinion?  Email us at You can also join our Facebook group!

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After thinking very, very hard and very, very long, we've decided to stay on tract and continue churning out episodes about Doctor Who rather than fulfill our shared lifetime fantasy of doing a Columbo podcast (turns out there's just too many of them out there).

We decided to start fresh with the conclusion of what many fans (and the BBC) think of as a rotten time in the show's history: Series 26.  That's right, it's cats and boys in short shorts: "Survival".  Is this story the cat's pajamas?  Or does it belong in a litter box?  Listen and find out!

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After eight years of doing a podcast, people email us or come up to us at conventions and ask, "Hey when are you going to do that one episode?"  And then we're like, "Which one?"  And they're like, "You know, that one!"

Well, this is that episode.

You can email Sean and Steve at or look for their fabulous Facebook page.  Everyone who is anyone is there!

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Way back in Episode 17, we covered "The Power of the Daleks" and proclaimed that this was the serial to find if there ever was one to be found.  Seven years later, it still hasn't been found, but the fine folks at the BBC Worldwide slaved over a hot desk for a very long time to animate all six episodes of Patrick Troughton's first story.

That gave us the perfect opportunity to watch the story in its new incarnation, and decide whether animation is the gateway to a new era of Doctor Who or if we should just hold on to those CDs of "Marco Polo" and "The Savages" we've had for years.  So, without further ado, listen in as we discuss the merits of "The Power of the Daleks"!

We're lonely and need feedback.  You can send it to and also follow Sean on send him hate mail in 140 characters or less via @tardistavern.

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Episode 157: Transmission of Matter Through Interstitial Time

There are those stories that are widely reviled like "The Twin Dilemma" and "Delta and the Bannermen".  Then there are those that exist on the underbelly, those whose creators will deny the existence of to this day, those that belong in the dustbin with "The Macra Terror".

"The Time Monster" is one such story.  Rumor has it that any "Doctor Who" story with the word "time" is doomed to failure; "The Time Warrior" is one exception, while "The Time Monster" has a special place in the producers' file cabinet filed under W for "What Were We Thinking?"  Clearly, these are spoilers for what we think of the story, but sometimes the fun is just in poking fun, isn't it?

Send us hate mail at, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, and look for the podcast's Facebook page.

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Episode 156: Arrest the Scarf

After recovering from our recent adventure with the Game Master, we're back to our usual hijinks with a look at the one Doctor Who story that is considered to have the best soundtrack ever: "The Leisure Hive", ironically named because the only hive to be seen in the story are the hairdos.

Is this a masterpiece that signaled the beginning of the John Nathan-Turner era?  Or does the mere mention of it make Smurfberry Crunch fall from your head?  Listen in and find out!

There was no feedback this episode, which makes us sad because we know you fuckers are downloading this shit.  Email us at and maybe we'll send you a lifetime supply of chocolate.

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