Episode 157: Transmission of Matter Through Interstitial Time

There are those stories that are widely reviled like "The Twin Dilemma" and "Delta and the Bannermen".  Then there are those that exist on the underbelly, those whose creators will deny the existence of to this day, those that belong in the dustbin with "The Macra Terror".

"The Time Monster" is one such story.  Rumor has it that any "Doctor Who" story with the word "time" is doomed to failure; "The Time Warrior" is one exception, while "The Time Monster" has a special place in the producers' file cabinet filed under W for "What Were We Thinking?"  Clearly, these are spoilers for what we think of the story, but sometimes the fun is just in poking fun, isn't it?

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Episode 156: Arrest the Scarf

After recovering from our recent adventure with the Game Master, we're back to our usual hijinks with a look at the one Doctor Who story that is considered to have the best soundtrack ever: "The Leisure Hive", ironically named because the only hive to be seen in the story are the hairdos.

Is this a masterpiece that signaled the beginning of the John Nathan-Turner era?  Or does the mere mention of it make Smurfberry Crunch fall from your head?  Listen in and find out!

There was no feedback this episode, which makes us sad because we know you fuckers are downloading this shit.  Email us at tardistavern@gmail.com and maybe we'll send you a lifetime supply of chocolate.

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