Do you ever get that feeling, as you're leaving the house to go to work, that you forgot something?  Maybe it's your car keys, or maybe it's your briefcase, or maybe it's the very thing that holds all of time and space together and is the key to all that is good and evil?  That's what the White Guardian must have felt just minutes before "The Ribos Operation" took place.

Is "The Ribos Operation" another brilliant Robert Holmes triple act?  Or is it not even worth its weight in jethrik?  Listen in as we discuss!

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After thinking very, very hard and very, very long, we've decided to stay on tract and continue churning out episodes about Doctor Who rather than fulfill our shared lifetime fantasy of doing a Columbo podcast (turns out there's just too many of them out there).

We decided to start fresh with the conclusion of what many fans (and the BBC) think of as a rotten time in the show's history: Series 26.  That's right, it's cats and boys in short shorts: "Survival".  Is this story the cat's pajamas?  Or does it belong in a litter box?  Listen and find out!

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After eight years of doing a podcast, people email us or come up to us at conventions and ask, "Hey when are you going to do that one episode?"  And then we're like, "Which one?"  And they're like, "You know, that one!"

Well, this is that episode.

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