After a short hiatus, during which we focused our attention on...well, other stuff, we return with a fun-packed and booze-soaked discussion of "The Tomb of the Cybermen", also none as "The One That Was Found in a Church Basement".  There's hand-holding, computer mice, and racism.  In other words, just another evening at The TARDIS Tavern.

You can email us stuff at and join the fun on our Facebook page.  It's where all the cool kids hang out.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_165.mp3
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Sean and Steve are joined by Mike Erickson of DFW Whofest who serves up a helping of tea and shade talking about his personal experiences running cons.  SEE Peter Davison eat a whole bowl of queso!  HEAR Mark Strickson drunkenly slur his words!  SMELL Colin Baker in the sweltering Texas heat!

Oh, and we may just have time in the end to talk about "Kill the Moon". (Spoilers: IT'S ABOUT ABORTION!)

Send email that we'll probably read out loud to and also check out our Facebook page, which is as burgeoning as a pubescent teen!

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_164.mp3
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This episode Steve and Sean are joined by guest bartender Stephen Webb of The Coal Hill A/V Club podcast, who chose quote the morsel for them to suck on and ingest: "The Ultimate Foe", the final Sixth Doctor story.

True, it's only two episodes long, but there is so so soooo much to talk about here.  Is "The Ultimate Foe" a cacophony of style and celebration?  Or is it just an old, dried-up piece of hard candy, dropped on the carpet and covered with hair and ants?  Listen in and find out?

Email us stuff at, check out out growing-more-popular-by-the-year Facebook page, and follow Sean on Twitter every other week via @tardistavern.  You can also follow Stephen Webb via @geeklectic.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_163.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:19pm CST

Seeing that the time had lapsed on those temporary restraining orders, we ventured outside our homes once again and attended another convention, DFW Whofest 4 in Dallas.  This episode we talk about some of our experiences with friends as well as guests at the convention, followed by a recording of the "TARDIS Tavern Live" in which we were permitted to spend an hour with Mark Strickson (he's the one who played Turlough during the Fifth Doctor era) under close supervision of hotel security.  Listen in as we wax nostalgic about the highs and lows of the weekend!

Feel free to email us at, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, and join our popular Facebook page!

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_162.mp3
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Do you ever get that feeling, as you're leaving the house to go to work, that you forgot something?  Maybe it's your car keys, or maybe it's your briefcase, or maybe it's the very thing that holds all of time and space together and is the key to all that is good and evil?  That's what the White Guardian must have felt just minutes before "The Ribos Operation" took place.

Is "The Ribos Operation" another brilliant Robert Holmes triple act?  Or is it not even worth its weight in jethrik?  Listen in as we discuss!

Want us to read your opinion?  Email us at You can also join our Facebook group!

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_161.mp3
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After thinking very, very hard and very, very long, we've decided to stay on tract and continue churning out episodes about Doctor Who rather than fulfill our shared lifetime fantasy of doing a Columbo podcast (turns out there's just too many of them out there).

We decided to start fresh with the conclusion of what many fans (and the BBC) think of as a rotten time in the show's history: Series 26.  That's right, it's cats and boys in short shorts: "Survival".  Is this story the cat's pajamas?  Or does it belong in a litter box?  Listen and find out!

Email us stuff at, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, and subscribe to our Facebook page!

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_160.mp3
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After eight years of doing a podcast, people email us or come up to us at conventions and ask, "Hey when are you going to do that one episode?"  And then we're like, "Which one?"  And they're like, "You know, that one!"

Well, this is that episode.

You can email Sean and Steve at or look for their fabulous Facebook page.  Everyone who is anyone is there!

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_159.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:00am CST

Way back in Episode 17, we covered "The Power of the Daleks" and proclaimed that this was the serial to find if there ever was one to be found.  Seven years later, it still hasn't been found, but the fine folks at the BBC Worldwide slaved over a hot desk for a very long time to animate all six episodes of Patrick Troughton's first story.

That gave us the perfect opportunity to watch the story in its new incarnation, and decide whether animation is the gateway to a new era of Doctor Who or if we should just hold on to those CDs of "Marco Polo" and "The Savages" we've had for years.  So, without further ado, listen in as we discuss the merits of "The Power of the Daleks"!

We're lonely and need feedback.  You can send it to and also follow Sean on send him hate mail in 140 characters or less via @tardistavern.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_158.mp3
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Episode 157: Transmission of Matter Through Interstitial Time

There are those stories that are widely reviled like "The Twin Dilemma" and "Delta and the Bannermen".  Then there are those that exist on the underbelly, those whose creators will deny the existence of to this day, those that belong in the dustbin with "The Macra Terror".

"The Time Monster" is one such story.  Rumor has it that any "Doctor Who" story with the word "time" is doomed to failure; "The Time Warrior" is one exception, while "The Time Monster" has a special place in the producers' file cabinet filed under W for "What Were We Thinking?"  Clearly, these are spoilers for what we think of the story, but sometimes the fun is just in poking fun, isn't it?

Send us hate mail at, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, and look for the podcast's Facebook page.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_157.mp3
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Episode 156: Arrest the Scarf

After recovering from our recent adventure with the Game Master, we're back to our usual hijinks with a look at the one Doctor Who story that is considered to have the best soundtrack ever: "The Leisure Hive", ironically named because the only hive to be seen in the story are the hairdos.

Is this a masterpiece that signaled the beginning of the John Nathan-Turner era?  Or does the mere mention of it make Smurfberry Crunch fall from your head?  Listen in and find out!

There was no feedback this episode, which makes us sad because we know you fuckers are downloading this shit.  Email us at and maybe we'll send you a lifetime supply of chocolate.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_156.mp3
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Episode 155: The Game Master's Master Plan

Our intrepid heroes are visited once again by Josh Zimon (of the Doctor Who: The High Council podcast), but the merriment is cut short when he tears away his disguise to reveal that he is none other...than the Game Master!  [Insert thunder here.]

Hey, send us email!  Write us at and look for the podcast's Facebook page.  It's the hottest thing this side of Gallifrey!

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_155.mp3
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Episode 154: Don't be Such a Babydoll!

Ah, the 1940's.  The War.  The fashions.  The big band music.  And the water zombies.  Will the Doctor and Ace be able to play their next move in the so-called "Cartmel Master Plan", or will Fenric reign supreme?

Spoiler: The Doctor and Ace defeat Fenric.  But is the voyage there yet another cheesy jaunt in the Seventh Doctor's era, or is this the masterpiece that some fans say it is?  Listen in as we discuss it.

If you email us, we will send you an Amazon gift card (some restrictions apply).  If you email us audio feedback, we'll play it!  Send it to  Also, look for us on Facebook and follow Sean as he sends drunk tweets at 3:00 a.m. via @tardistavern.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_154.mp3
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Episode 153: Dawn of the Mawdryn Undead

After shitting all over Steven Moffat, we're back!  And we want to cleanse our palette with a classic Who story from the Davison era, "Mawdryn Undead".  There's exposed brains, time travel, disgusting bodies, Tegan, Nyssa, a guy with a crow on his head, and a traitorous redhead who talks to his hand.  Joining us is Phil from the Braving Babylon 5 podcast, who graciously stayed up into the wee hours in England to put up with our drunk asses.

In the name of all that is evil, give it a listen and find out if it goes down as smoothly as an undead alien gliding through a recreational spaceship, or if it's as ridiculous as mistaking any old charred corpse for Peter Davison.  Spoiler: opinions differ!  Tempers flare!  Garbo laughs!

Have an issue with us?  Go fuck yourself, then email us at  You can also follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern and Phil via @bravingB5.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_153.mp3
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Episode 152: Say Something Nice

After exploring the depths of "The Underwater Menace", our heroes jump ahead to the current era of Doctor Who to talk about Steve once coined "a generic Capaldi two-parter".  That's right, it's "Dark Water" and "Death in Heaven", the dramatic conclusion to one of the most beloved series of the program ever!

Why isn't Dr. Chang Chinese?  What's so dreadful about St. Paul's Cathedral?  Is Peter Capaldi sexier with the big hair or the short hair?  All these questions and more might be answered in our latest episode!

Email us hate mail at and look for us on Facebook, at which our popularity is growing bigger than Chinese Olympic swimmer Ning Zetao.

Direct download: Tardis_Tavern_Ep_152.mp3
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Episode 151: Nuzzing in zee Vorld

Time has, for the most part, come to the end of the DVD range of Doctor Who.  And it ended, some would say, not with a bang but with a whimper...with the recently found missing episode of "The Underwater" menace, the BBC was quick to capitalize on their new find by quickly releasing the story on DVD.  Is this the new "Enemy of the World"?  Or should "The Underwater Menace" be tossed into the Time Lash?

Listen in as we discuss preposterous fish people, sonic mining, the trouble with triple companions, and what may be one of our favorite villains of all time.

Send wonderful feedback to so that we can read it out loud on the show, and be sure to look for our Facebook page.  Also, keep on leaving those positive reviews on iTunes!

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_151.mp3
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Episode 150: Best Episode Ever!

We've made it to 150 episodes!  To celebrate, we present you with a "very special episode" of The TARDIS Tavern, in which we pull back the curtain to reveal some the magic behind the scenes and what makes our happy little podcast tick.

Also, we both discuss our favorite story in each Doctor's era, irregardless of whether we've officially talked about it on the podcast or not.  Enjoy and have a slice of birthday cake on us!

Send hate mail to and leave nice feedback for us on iTunes.  Once we get 100 positive reviews, we'll do naked wrestling for our 200th episode.

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_150.mp3
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Episode 149: Colonoscopy in Space

What do you get when have a class struggle between the bearded environmentalists, a greedy corporation, a hologram lizard, the Third Doctor, and Jo?  You get "Colony in Space" a would-be epic six-parter from the Pertwee era.  Is this a standout story?  Or is it worthy of the name we gave it in the title of this episode?  Listen in and find out!

Send us hate mail at, look for our popular page on Facebook, and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern.

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_149.mp3
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Episode 148: The Game Master Invasion of Earth

WE'RE BAAAACK!  And we're joined by our nemesis from the nether regions, the Game Master.  Will we answer the questions correctly and escape with our lives, or will the Game Master reign triumphant and collect our souls?  Listen in and find out!

Send email to and be sure to hunt us down on Facebook, where we have 66% more fun than other Doctor Who podcasts with less than half the calories!

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_148.mp3
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Episode 147: The Tragic Death of Mr. Fibuli

Our heroes focus again on the classic series, this time with a short visit to the "Key to Time" series with "The Pirate Planet", featuring the Fourth Doctor and Romana I.  Is this a Douglas Adams masterpiece?  Or just another trumped up swashbuckler?  Listen and find out!

In the meantime, your brave hosts through space and time find themselves in a very familiar bar...although it's probably not the one you're thinking of....

Send love letters to, "like" us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter via @tardistavern.

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_147.mp3
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Episode 146: The Singing Towers of Darrillium

Putting things back on track, our heroes find themselves immersed in the world of politics.  To distract themselves, they go back to the topic they planned on discussing when we last met them: "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead", written by Steven Moffat and featuring the Tenth Doctor and Donna.  And, since they really enjoy celebrating Christmas in February, they also dip their little piggies into "The Husbands of River Song".

Also, news and stuff that was probably covered more thoroughly by other podcasts weeks ago.

We like email and feedback, so send it to us at  Also look for us on Facebook.  All the kids are doing it.

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_146.mp3
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Episode 145: The Bullshit Episode

After a relaxing holiday, we're back!  And we're going to talk about "The Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead".  That is, we were, until...squirrel!

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Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_145.mp3
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Episode 144: The Tawdry Quirk Shop

As the rest of fandom recovers from the self-proclaimed "devastating" conclusion of Series Nine, our heroes turn the dial on the Wayback Machine just a couple years back to when bow ties were cool.  Thus begins our review of "Amy's Choice", featuring the Eleventh Doctor, Amy, and Rory.

Also, there might be Muppets.

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Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_144.mp3
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Episode 143: Vengeance with Vodka

Our heroes find themselves in a strange, swampy, and stinky forest, and to pass the time they talk about "Vengeance on Varos", the titillating adventure featuring the Sixth Doctor and Peri.

Is this story a foreboding prediction of the television that would come?  Or did it leave us thirsty for more (and perhaps a nice glass of Perrier?).  Listen and find out!

Send us love letters and hate mail to, "like" us on our quickly-growing Facebook page, and follow Sean's occasional insights on Twitter @tardistavern.

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_143.mp3
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Episode 142: High for Happiness

Happy 6th birthday to The TARDIS Tavern!  To celebrate, our heroes enjoy the pizza and hospitality of the local Chuck E Cheese...specifically, the ball pit.  As they ponder the possibilities of acquiring any number of childhood germs, they discuss "Paradise Towers" the much-maligned story featuring the Seventh Doctor and Mel.

Is this another story appropriate for the trash heap?  Or can Steve and Sean find some redeeming qualities in it?  Listen in and find out!

You can email us at, follow our Facebook page (it's all the rage), and check out Sean on Twitter @tardistavern.  Cheers!

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_142.mp3
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Episode 141: Salvation and Damnation

The time has come once again to circle back to something new in the world of Doctor Who, so we decided to go for something extremely divisive and controversial.

No, we won't be talking about "Daleks in Manhattan" (at least not yet), but rather the Second Series episode "Love and Monsters", featuring (sort of) the Tenth Doctor and Rose, a guy named Elton, and an alien that represents every troll that has ever made any Doctor Who fan group unfun.

Is "Love and Monsters" a droll piece of crap that should have been flushed down Russell T. Davis' loo?  Or is it a great symbolic romp with so much beneath that cheesy surface?  Take a listen and find out what we think!

Send us feedback at, join our infinitely-growing Facebook page, and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, when the whim to tweet something occasionally strikes him.

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_141.mp3
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Episode 140: Radiation Gloves

51 years before Clara climbed inside of a Dalek, Ian Chesterton did the same thing.  The Daleks of yesteryear didn't fly, travel in time or space, and relied on static electricity to get around.  This time around we settle on an all-too-familiar planet and discuss "The Daleks", the story that started Britain's obsession with the exterminating pepper pots.  Does "The Daleks" stand the test of time, or is it as clunky as William Hartnell's line bloopers?

Email us questions and hate mail at, "like" us on Facebook and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern.

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_140.mp3
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Episode 139: The Game Master

Our heroes have escaped the clutches of the Gods of Ragnarok only to be led astry into the domain of the Game Master, an evil and omnipotent being who delights in torturing his victims with trivia questions.

In actuality, we spared ourselves the task of actually doing homework and put all the burden on Josh Zimon, host of the podcasts Doctor Who: The High Council and The Memory Cheats.  Will our heroes know enough about Doctor Who to escape unscathed?  Or will their ignorance lead to their demise?

Email us feedback and complaints at, "like" our Facebook page, and follow Sean intermittently via @tardistavern.

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_139.mp3
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Episode 138: The Tragic Death of Pigbin Josh

After a brief sabbatical, we're back!  The vortex manipulator drops our heroes off at a very, very familiar circus where they wile away their boredom with a discussion of "The Claws of Axos".

Also, there's listener feedback read by Steve in a funny voice followed by peals of laughter.  Really, we needed that month's rest!

You can email us, "like" us on Facebook, and follow Sean as he occasionally posts in Twitter via @tardistavern.

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_138.mp3
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Episode 137: The One with the Farting Aliens

So it's come to this.  We have a small handful of stories left in the Ninth Doctor's era to cover, and eventually we would have to talk about the maligned episodes "Aliens of London" and "World War Three".  Does it deserve the eye-rolling that occurs every time this story is brought up in polite company?  Or are all those fart fumes just a smoke screen for what is actually a solid alien invasion story?  Listen in and see.

In other events, the gentlemen find themselves trapped a few years in the earth's past thanks to the vortex manipulator...where will it take them next?  Also...A CONTEST!

Email us at and we might send you a sample of weed (void where prohibited).  Also, try to follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, but don't hold your breath for any fantastic postings. If it's fantastic postings you want, you'll want to join the legions of listeners on our Facebook page!

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_137.mp3
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Episode 136: Remember Your Varicose Veins

Because the Fourth Doctor is awesome.  Because we can't get enough of seeing Leela.  Because stories involves witches and rubbery monsters in English mansions seem to call to us.  It's our take on "Image of the Fendahl", in which the Doctor must fight an unspeakable horror from his home world.  Or something like that.

If you'd like to explain to us what this story was about, you can email us at or look us up on Facebook.  Also, you can follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern (you can't follow Steve on Twitter because he's a poo-head and hasn't logged in for three years).

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_136.mp3
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Episode 135: When Sydney Met Verity

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who brought us a literal trifecta for the fans on the big as well as the small screens.  There was, obviously, "The Day of The Doctor", Peter Davison's The Fiveish Doctors, and the BBC docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time.

For those of you that haven't been listening to this podcast for the last year and a half, we both think An Adventure in Space and Time is pretty much required viewing for anyone with a pulse, let alone anyone who has the slightest bit of interest in Doctor Who.  So please listen in as we talk about William Hartnell, Verity Lambert, Sydney Newman, and the genesis of the show we've dedicated so much time to.

Shoot us an email at, look for us on Facebook, and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern.  Free cookies will be sent to those who become involved.  (Some restrictions apply.)

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_135.mp3
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Episode 134: Who am I?

We're back!  Having required new livers as part of the recovery process from DFW Whofest (thank you, David and Marty), we're back to our regularly scheduled programming: giving you elongated reviews and inane discussion about Doctor Who episodes.

We've thrown the proverbial dart and this time it's landed on "Face of Evil", the Fourth Doctor story that marked Leela's debut.  Are you Team Sevateem or Team Tesh?  Find out which we are in our latest contribution to the world of Doctor Who podcastery.

Please send us feedback to  We'll read it out loud in a voice of your choosing!  Also look for us on Facebook and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern.

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_134.mp3
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Episode 133: An Evening in Irving with Terry Molloy

It's all about last weekend's Whofest 2 in Irving, Texas (that's in the Dallas area for those of you that may not know), and panels, discussions, and things that we saw.

Overall, a good time was had by all, but the highlight was our interview with Terry Molloy on Friday night, in which we discussed his role as Davros, Big Finish, and My Pretty Pony, among other things.  Take a listen and see how we did with our first official live interview!

Email us at, look for us on Facebook, and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern (although he hardly uses it anymore).  Also, you can follow Terry Molloy via @tuckerspatch.

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_133.mp3
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Episode 132: Tequila Repose

With just a week until Whofest 2, we thought we would sink our teeth into a story featuring the convention's guests, which makes "Revelation of the Daleks" a must-watch for this episode.

Also, Steve reads feedback and almost loses his voice and kills Sean from laughter in the process.

We are lonely.  Please email us at, check out our awesomely-busy Facebook page, and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern.

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_132.mp3
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We're still here!  After some unplanned technical issues and a misunderstanding regarding calendering (hi, Sean!), we bring you the very latest in drunken Whovian goodness: a discussion abouut the Fifth Doctor story "Black Orchid".  We're joined by Amanda Cole, who is also fluent in cosplay and convetions, as we pour some tea (read: booze) and discuss cricket...and murder!

Please email us at, look for us on Facebook, and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern.  You can also follow Amanda via @blundergirl.

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_131.mp3
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Back to our regularly scheduled programing, we turn the clock back to the Troughton era, when the Second Doctor fought tirelessly alongside everyone's favorite companions of those years, Jamie and Zoe, and they faced a recognized foe, the Ice Warrior.  Yes, it's a discussion of "The Seeds of Death", often confused with another story from years later "The Seeds of Doom", a fact of the tragedy of the random Doctor Who name generator.

With us on this journey to the moon by rocket is our good friend David Hooie.  We talk a little bit about David's early years with the show and about his podcast, Hoo on Who, before he deposits us via his own TARDIS into a location yet to be disclosed.  Stay tuned....

Look for us on Facebook, send us email vis, and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern.  You can also follow David Hooie via @DavidHooie.

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_127.mp3
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With Christmas right behind us, it's time to wrap up (or unwrap?) our countdown to the holidays with our review of "Last Christmas"!

Put up your feet, pour yourself some mulled wine, and listen in as we talk about Dream Crabs, Santa Claus, and self-references to other films.

Please join us and hundreds of others on Facebook, email us at, and follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern.

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_126.mp3
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Our journey through a wintry wonderland continues with our second installment in our countdown of our selected Christmas specials, "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe".  (Let me take this time to say that I fully endorse the use of the Oxford comma and judge the BBC for not using it.)

To return a favor from three years ago, the Doctor inserts himself into the lives of a family of three, enticing them to an abandoned mansion with plans of bringing them to a magical alien world on Christmas morning.  And then, of course, everything goes tits up, the magical wonderland is not what it seems, and in true Moffat style, dead people come back to life and everyone lives happily every after.  (Oops, spoilers!)

We're tits on Facebook, or you can send us feedback at, or follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern or Steve via @tardistaverntit.

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_123.mp3
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Episode 122: Countdown to Christmas, Part 1

Tired of listening to podcasts about Series Eight, Steven Moffat, and Peter Capaldi?  Then wait no more, because we exist to go against the grain of the Doctor Who podcasting community.  It's just a few more weeks until Christmas, so we're going to do things Casey Kasem style until then and dedicate some time to analyzing those episodes which tend to get the short shrift because of their odd placement in the show's schedule, existing in the limbo between two separate seasons and airing at a time when we have other things on our minds.  That's right, we're turning our sights to the Christmas episodes.

We'll begin this journey in 2008, back when RTD was the showrunner, David Tennant was the Doctor, and most people on this side of the pond thought David Morrissey was probably the full name of that weird English pop star.  This episode we'll be talking about "The Next Doctor".

Feel free to email us at, "like" us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter via @tardistavern and @tardistaverntit (even though Sean rarely uses Twitter and Steve says he uses it but really doesn't, and I can say that because he never reads the show notes).

Direct download: The_TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_122.mp3
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After leaving behind the alien spacecraft (and another dead podcaster), our heroes find themselves dining at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.  The Dish of the Day is none other than JB Anderton of the Who 37 podcast, and he turns out to be rather tasty.

The time is ripe to talk about the Fifth Doctor once again, so we turn our sights to Peter Davison’s first filmed portrayal of the Doctor, “Four to Doomsday”.  Will we be persuaded to see enlightenment in this story?  Or is just a smear of green picked with pieces of Adric’s yellow tunic.  Relax, pass the sodium chloride, and listen in!

“Like” us on Facebook, email us at (send us audio feedback and we’ll buy you a drink), follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, and Steve via @tardistaverntit (yes, he’s back to using it now).  You can also follow JB and the Who 37 podcast via @WHO37podcast.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_112.mp3
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Having killed off no less than three podcasters on their quest, Sean and Steve jump from the flying pan into the fire as they are rescued by an Unidentified Flying Object.  Once aboard, they meet first-time guest Warren of Radio Free Skaro.  What better way to pass the time than to excise our opinions regarding nerdery in general and discuss the infamous story “The Happiness Patrol”.  It’s bilerific!

You can look for us on Facebook, email us at, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, and Warren via @freyburg.  You can also try following Steve on Twitter via @tardistaverntit, but he’s really more of a lurker than a tweeter, so you’ve been warned!

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When we last saw them, our heroes had been rescued by a tribe of Amazon women and then found refuge amongst the packages being delivered to the States.  Will their new form of transport deliver them to safety?  Or is this rescue plan nothing more than a Trojan horse?

We are joined by our perennial guest Josh Zimon of A Mostly Harmless Cutaway, The Memory Cheats, and Prognosis Negative to turn the clock back to 1971, when a certain Third Doctor was exiled to our planet and fought invading aliens with the help of UNIT.  This time around we talk “The Daemons”.  Is it worthy of its reputation?  Will this be the one that finally transforms Steve into a Pertwee fan?  Listen and find out!

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Having bid farewell to the late Chris Burgess, our heroes discover that Erika and Kat, both from Verity!, have taken up lives as jungle Amazons!  (Stories of their four co-hosts being cannibalized may have been exaggerated.)

As we push aside the corpse of the late Radio Free Skaro co-host, we settle down with our two favorite Amazonians to discuss Robert Holmes’ “The Sun Makers”.  And, we assure you, this has nothing to do with the fact that April 15 is just behind us.

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When we left our heroes in Episode 107, they were being stalked in the woods (or is it a jungle?) by an unknown and definitely large beast.  Their fears have been allayed, however, as the beast turns out to be none other than Chris Burgess of Radio Free Skaro.

Without further ado or pondering why so many Doctor Who podcasters coincidentally are on this island, the three of them travel back in time to the Hartnell era for a deep insightful discussion of “The Ark”, featuring the First Doctor, Steven, and Dodo.

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Cashing in on our recent good luck in winning a free cruise to South Africa from a Nigerian sweepstakes, Episode 104 is set on shipboard.  Amidst sipping cocktails, laying by the pool, and playing shuffleboard, we set our sights on Christmas: specifically, what is regarded as one of the worst Christmas episodes ever in Doctor Who, “Voyage of the Damned”.

Will we be in the majority, panning this episode as a smear of crap in what was otherwise a decent year for the show?  Or will we take pleasure in all of the Christmas carnage that Russell T. Davies serves up?  Pour yourself a pina colada, listen, and find out!

Oh yeah, and we also manage to offend pretty much every minority group.  But if you’re not over that after 103 episodes, then that’s your problem.

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We hired a team of actuaries to research and tell us which of the Doctor’s incarnations’ episodes do we review the least often.  The unanimous response was the Ninth Doctor.  After Sean talked Steve off a windowsill after suggested “Aliens in London/World War III”, we settled on the one that started it all.

Thus, without further ado, we present our thoughts on 1980’s sitcoms with dead actors, followed by an in-depth discussion of “Rose”.

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As you may have guessed already (because you listeners are so, so smart), in this episode we chat about what Doctor Who has brought us in 2013, the year of its 50th birthday.

The second half of Series Seven is discussed, as well as just a little bit about “The Day of the Doctor” (see Episode 100 for more on that), An Adventure in Space and Time and, of course, “The Time of the Doctor”.  By the end there we’re pretty well into our cups and we forgot to address “The Web of Fear” and “The Enemy of the World”, but there was time for one little bit of feedback.  Enjoy, mates, and looking forward to 2014!

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Watching an "Adventure in Space and Time" got us hungry for smoking Cybermen, so we opened our freshly delivered packages from Amazon to watch and discuss "The Tenth Planet".

This is the one where Hartnell regenerates (oops, spoilers!) so keep your ears peeled for the sound of these old bodies saying what we think of it.  Also, I don't like your hair.  Also, some long-overdue feedback!

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November 23, 2013.  A day that Who fans will likely remember for the rest of their lives.  We went to see The Day of the Doctor together, and then did a "live" episode at DFW Whofest, the Dallas convention that totally blew our minds and expectations.  Plus, we were kind of sober when we recorded this one.  So that's a first.

Plus...a CONTEST!  Listen until the end and you can learn how to be two lucky listeners who can win a copy of The Day of the Doctor on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Honestly, a good time was had by all.  Oh, and we're pretty much sober.

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This time we trod off the well-beaten path and, rather than discuss a traditional Doctor Who story, we chose Steven Moffat’s 1999 Comic Relief special, Curse of the Fatal Death.  Fasten your seat belts and prepare yourself for five more new Doctors, architectural bribery, and Dalek bumps.  All in all, it should be a jolly good time.

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Add one part “The Seeds of Doom”, one part “Robots of Death”, and a dash of “Murder on the Orient Express” and you get “Terror of the Vervoids”, this episode’s topic of discussion.  Do the mounting bodies and the creatures that look uncannily like female reproductive parts make for a snoozefest?  Or do the intrigue, mystery, and drama make for a great story?  Grab a glass of carrot juice and vodka and find out!

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If there is one thing we’re not known for, it’s being sober and providing our listeners with up-date-reviews on stories that have either just aired or just been released on DVD.  Therefore, it was time we brought you our thoughts on “The Ice Warriors”, which was released on DVD last month and features two missing episodes that have been animated by the restoration team a la “The Invasion” and “The Reign of Terror”.

If you’re looking for drunken banter on Patrick Troughton, Victoria, and a bunch of scientists with uninspiring names, then look no further.  Not that we have any competition from other podcasts in that department to worry about it.

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Add one part Seventh Doctor, one part Ace, one part Glitz, and take away a pinch of Mel and you have “Dragonfire”, this episodes special selection chosen by our special guests Andre Tessier and Ken Deep of 2013’s Long Island Who convention.

It’s a long one.  We talk about podcasts, conventions, fun times, and eventually wind up talking about the story in question.  Promise…we do.  And it’s one of the raunchiest, innuendo-filled episodes of The TARDIS Tavern to date.  What a treat!

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If there’s one thing we both love, it’s films and television shows on Blu-Ray.  If there’s one thing Steve is kind of ambivalent about, it’s the Pertwee era.  Put the two together, and we couldn’t resist talking about the recent release of “Spearhead from Space” on Blu-Ray.

Disclaimer 1:  This is not an intervention.  Steve purchased the copy of “Spearhead from Space” on his own volition and with his own money.  We planned to do something else for this episode, but it fell through, and so we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to talk about it.

Disclaimer 2:  This description makes it appear as though Steve was dragged kicking and screaming into this project by Sean, and this episode will consist primarily of Steve grumbling and Sean squeeing.  You might just be surprised.

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This time we’re happy and honored to have Deb Stanish from the Parsec-nominated Doctor Who podcast, Verity!  (That exclamation point is part of the title, not that we’re super excited and all that she can join us, because we are.)  Deb is also known as the editor of such books as Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon by the Women Who Love Them and Chicks Unravel Time: Women Journey Through Every Season of Doctor Who.  Ooooh, we have an academic at the bar!  Let’s pump her full of whiskey and see what she has to say!

This time we turn our sights to a more recent time: “The God Complex” which aired as recent as September of 2011.  And I hope you can taste the irony of that word “recent”, because if you do your math you would realize that’s about two years ago, yet it was just last season.  Ah, Doctor Who, you are a slow, sometimes tortuous machine.  But we love you.

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Sometimes you just want to re-watch one of those classic favorites.  Thus, we present our serious academic discussion of “Pyramids of Mars”.  ‘Nuff said.

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It’s been a couple weeks.  And we were going to send you a discussion of “Pyramids of Mars”.  But we couldn’t resist…here is the first ever TARDIS TAVERN SPECIAL REPORT!!

Peter Capaldi has been announced as the Twelfth Doctor.  If the reports on the internet hadn’t told us about this first, we would have been shocked.  But would we have been happy?  Find out in this, our first min-episode.

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We haven’t talked about Sontarans since…well, since ten episodes ago when we reviewed “The Two Doctors”.  But there’s no time like the present again, as our roving reporter Andre Tessier has brought us an interview with Dan Starkey, the current series’ lovable and bumbling Strax.

But first we travel back to the Tom Baker era: tin foil monsters, Machiavellian plots, stuffy Time Lords, and tripping over the pool chairs fantastic.  That’s right, this one is also about “The Invasion of Time”.  Why that one?  Because we already know “The Sontaran Experiment” by heart.

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Yes, it’s about time we got to this one, isn’t it?  “Earthshock”, the one where Adric gets it in the end.  The one heralded by many jaded fans as marking the exit of the Jar-Jar Binks of classic Doctor Who.  Not only that, but this return of the Cybermen since their last appearance in “Revenge of the Cybermen” is considered by many as one of the crowning moments in JNT’s reign as the show runner.

But are fans too quick to celebrate Matthew Waterhouse’s final episode?  Is the story all that it’s cracked up to be?  Is it just another example of 1980’s Who parading tired old villains onto the screen for the sake of longtime fanboys?  Listen and find out…maybe.

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Way back in 2006, a little episode called “Fear Her” aired, and it’s been vilified by fandom ever since.  We hadn’t seen it in years, so we wanted to find out if it was really as bad as everyone says it is.  Like it or not, one can thank providence that the arrangers of the 2012 Olympics either just didn’t see this, or specifically chose not to go that route.

Oh yeah, and Sean goes on a drunken rampage against Ian Levine.

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With all of these mundane little stories we’re covering, you’re no doubt saying, “But Sean and Steve, when are you going to tackle something really classic, like ‘City of Death’ or ‘Fear Her’?”  (That second one was a joke.)  Wait no more: in this episode we discuss the 1975 six-parter from Tom Baker’s first season as the Doctor, featuring Sarah Jane and Harry.  That’s right, it’s finally time for “Genesis of the Daleks”!  If you don’t like this story, we’ll have to find out what’s wrong with you…by autopsy.

Oh, there’s also this little bit of news to discuss about Matt Smith leaving.

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Studies show that it has been a hell of a long time since we talked about a First Doctor story (see our episode on “The Time Meddler”) and even longer since it was an episode about a historical First Doctor story (go way back to one of the hokiest episodes ever of The TARDIS Tavern, in which we pan “The Gunfighters”).  So there was no time like the present to review “The Romans”, with the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Vickie.

Of course, we can’t help but talk about the latest and last installment of Series Seven, “The Name of the Doctor”.  Oh, my.  Like oh, fucking my!

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We know.  Cybermen are soooo last week.  In fact, they’re just soooo 1988.  So much so that we take a look back at the show’s 25th anniversary special, “Silver Nemesis”, featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace.  Let that sink in for a moment.  They celebrated ten years with “The Three Doctors” and twenty with “The Five Doctors”.  Should they have just stopped there?  You might be surprised at what we think.

Speaking of Cybermen, we also talk a little bit about “Nightmare in Silver”.  Our thoughts on “The Name of the Doctor” aren’t far away, either; you’ll just hear them a week or so after every other podcaster and blogger has aired their opinions.  You might be surprised at what we think.

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Two things: (1) Mothers’ Day was just around the corner and (2) we haven’t talked about a Ninth Doctor story for quite a while.  So, without further ado, we present our discussion of Steven Moffat’s first story, “The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances”.

If it wasn’t for this story, the program (love it or hate it) would not be where it is today…and we wouldn’t have had Torchwood, either!  But does this hardy two-parter stand the test of time after eight years?  Listen and find out!  Also, just a little bit of blather about “The Crimson Horror” from Sean.

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It’s the best episode ever!  Sean has regenerated and turned into one of his other co-hosts!  This time, it’s “Battlefield”, with the Seventh Doctor, Ace, and the Brigadier times two.

[This is the moment when the typist pontificates on the interesting aspects of the show, as few as they may bay.  However, on this particular occasion, the typist hasn’t heard or participated in the recording of said episode.  So enjoy anyways.  Not to sound like a bitch or anything.]

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There’s a pretty good chance all of you at home saw a pattern in our last couple episodes, so it should come as no surprise that Episode 83 is “The Five Doctors”, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Doctor Who in 1983 (hey, and it’s Episode 83, see what we did there!).

We’re joined by our longtime friend Josh “Lord” Zimon of The Memory Cheats and Mostly Harmless Cutaway to discuss this one, although he very nearly got caught up in a time eddy when we scooped him up from Boston.

And, as usual, we touch a little bit on the latest installment of the current series, “Journey to the Centre [sic] of the TARDIS”.

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Where do you go after “The Two Doctors”?  Naturally, “The Three Doctors”!  We’re joined by Kyle Anderson of the podcasts Doctor Who: The Writer’s Room and WTF are You Watching? We discuss what was then the show’s ten-year anniversary story, back in the day when nerds were precluded from voice their rumors and anticipation on the internet.

We also talk a little bit about the latest entry to the Doctor Who oeuvre, “Hide”.  Masterpiece or tangled senseless mess?  You just might be surprised what we think.

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Episode 81: The Pair o' Docs

We’re churning episodes out like bug spray on boll weevils lately, and, as we promised, this time we have a discussion of “The Two Doctors”, Robert Holmes’ penultimate story.  Grab the carrot juice, play a merry tune on your recorder, and slip into some bright, tight-fitting boob gear, and join us as we travel to Spain.

Plus there’s just a little bit of discussion about “The Rings of Akhaten” and “Cold War”!

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Burrowing a little further into the annals of the Fourth Doctor (a phrase we were looking for any excuse to use), we wander towards the end of his tenure, three years past the last time we saw him in “The Robots of Death” to “State of Decay”, in which he matches wits with a trio of ancient vampires amidst a crumbling society.

We also explain why we don’t like reviewing Big Finish, and also touch a little – just a tiny little bit – on the latest two episodes, “The Bells of St. John” and “The Rings of Akhaten”.

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On the eve of the broadcast of “The Bells of St. John’s”, naturally we couldn’t resist not reviewing it.  Instead, we go back in time to September of 2011, which broad us such classics as “The Girl Who Waited”, “A Good Man Goes to War”, and the topic of this episode, the overlooked and often forgotten “Night Terrors”.

Plus there’s gossip about the rumors circulating regarding the up and coming release of the JNT biography and the muckraking regarding Matt Smith’s leaving the show.  And feedback, don’t forget the feedback.

On another night, we will continue to chat about the new series, but will still focus on reviews of older Doctor Who stories, so stay tuned in about a week’s time when we will release a short discussion of the first two episodes aired for Series 7B, and a longer discussion of a certain Fourth Doctor story from 1980.

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pot-pour-ri \pō-pů-‘rē\ n [F pot pourri, lit. rotten pot] 1 : a jar of flower petals and spices used for scent  2 : a miscellaneous collection : MEDLEY

No, this isn’t the flower show episode.  Rather, as promised, we give you a quick review of the video game Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, some discussion about the upcoming second-half of Series Seven, and (we haven’t brought you one of these in a while) an interview with Daphne Ashbrook, star of the 1996 TV movie.

Special thanks to our own roving reporter Andre Tessier for interviewing Ms. Ashbrook at this year’s Gallifrey convention.  (Or was it from last year?  We were too drunk to tell.)

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To give the impression that there is some rhyme to our reason, Episode 77 just needed to have a story aired in 1977, so there was a smorgasbord of Fourth Doctor and Leela yumminess to choose from.  We like mysteries and we like robots, so naturally we had to turn our sights onto “The Robots of Death”, that madcap little adventure that could be a cross between Alien and a Dick Tracy comic.

There’s talk of Gallifrey past (I missed you, Steve!) and a hint of feedback (thank you, Dr. Phil!).  And plenty of scotch and vodka, although not mixed together.

Shoot feedback to us at, “like” us on Facebook (just search for “TARDIS Tavern”, I’m too lazy to copy and paste the link right now), and read Sean bitching on Twitter via @tardistavern.

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Episode 76: The Wrong Podcast

There are two things we learned since recording this podcast.  The first is never to drink while listening or watching the subject matter that you’re going to review.  The second is that we have a soft spot for Big Finish.  We’ve had our stinkers (Red Dawn) and our triumphs (Peri and the Pescon Paradox), so we dipped our fingers into the audio vault once again and pulled out Big Finish’s most recent of its main line of stories, The Wrong Doctors.

So with that join us as we jump a train to Pease Pottage and visit two Melanie Bushes, two Sixth Doctors (one in blue and the other in his traditional patchwork coat), dinosaurs, and singing septuagenarians.  If that sounds a little confusing, just imagine if you were drunk. 

End of show music credit goes to Roland Olah and his "Dirty Who" mix.  If you enjoy this mix and want to hear more like it please visit

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Looks like we survived the end of the world after all.

When you survive an ordeal like that, there’s nothing like a little dose of Patrick Troughton, so we decided to turn around and talk about what we originally intended: that mostly-missing story of the Second Doctor’s era, “The Web of Fear”.

Although five of the six episodes were destroyed after someone at the BBC went on a bender and burned a couple dozen reels of old television, you can see the first episode in all its glory in the “Lost in Time” box set.  The remainder is available from BBC audio.

Credit for the end of show music goes to HardWire for the Transdimensional_Mix_v2.  To download this mix and many many more like it please visit

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This time we take an interesting turn, with a review of “The Web of Fear”, featuring one of our favorites, Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor.

Or do we?  We did, after all, record on December 21, 2012…are you still around to hear this?

(Warning: Chicanery and spoilers abound!)

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We haven’t talked about Big Finish for a while now, so it was time to recruit Doctor Who podcasting’s foremost expert on Big Finish audio plays, John Brannigan of Cyber Testicle and Radio Rassilon fame, to drink and talk about Peri and the Piscon Paradox, an edition of Big Finish’s Companion Chronicles range by Nev Fountain and featuring – you guessed it! – Nicola Bryant as Peri.

There’s some talk about the story, some talk about Nicola Bryant and our inability to revoke the restraining order, and a little bit of talk about the current series that might just make you put your thumb on your chin and go “Hmmm.”

Insert the usual crap here.  Facebook.  Email.  Twitter via @tardistavern and @tardistaverntit, plus catch John via @digspinach (hehe, it rhymes with “Big Finish”).

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Interview with a Blue Delvian Priestess

For all of our listeners who happen to be Farscape fans I would like to direct you to the Omega Podcast’s recent interview with Virginia Hey (Zhaan).  Wes, co-host of the Omega Podcast, knew of my love for this non-Doctor Who program and invited me to ride side-saddle during the interview.  We both asked the lovely Ms. Hey questions about her time on Farscape and her future projects.  

Omega Podcast’s Virginia Hey Interview:

After listening please take a look at her web presence.

Virginia Hey’s Main Site:

Virginia Hey’s Indiegogo page:

Virginia Hey’s Facebook page:

If this interview fuels your hunger for Farscape discussion (Tavern style) then please listen to TARDIS Tavern’s episode # 60 where we discuss this iconic show with guest bartender and Farscape fan David aka Draculasaurus. 

TARDIS Tavern Episode #60:

And if you haven’t already, subscribe to the Omega Podcast for more Doctor Who podcasting goodness.

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Fresh off of the first half of Series Seven, we just couldn’t get enough of the Eleventh Doctor.  At the behest of our friend Erik from The Doctor Who Book Club Podcast, we watched and discussed “The Big Bang” and “The Pandorica Opens” with him.  For those of you that listen to the very best in Doctor Who podcasting, you may know that Sean and Steve appeared on A Mostly Harmless Cutaway with our other friends Eric and Josh when these episodes first aired.  Have our opinions changed after viewing it again.  Is Erik alone in thinking this two-parter is the bee’s knees?

As usual, the cocktails flowed freely (at least for two of us, ahem) and we saw a mutual friend of the podcast, Erika (whom you may recall from our “Pertwee Extravaganza” not long ago), and asked her to join the fray.  The result is an hour and 47 minutes of insightful philosophical discussion on the story.  Also, we get really drunk. 

Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter via @tardistavern and @tardistaverntit.  Feel free to follow this episode’s guests, Erik and Erika, via @sjcaustenite and @hollygodarkly, respectfully.  Oh, and we’ll read your feedback on the show if we’re not too drunk, so feel free to email us at

Shout out goes to Anthony Perry for the end of show song Industrial Cyberdisco Remix.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_72.mp3
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We’re back, we’re drunk, and we have opinions about the latest episodes.  Just when you thought it was safe to download another Doctor Who podcast, we’re here!  Listen to find out what we thought of “A Town Called Mercy”, “The Power of Three”, and “The Angels Take Manhattan”.  We like to keep things spoiler-free, but here’s a preview: the two of us only really agree on one of the three!

So pour yourself a glass of wine, beer, scotch, vodka, or whatever and sit back and relax as we talk about stuff a whole month after every Doctor Who podcast has already covered.

Send us hate mail at, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, and of course check out our growing community on Facebook!

Special mention goes to Beyond The Epilogue for the end of show song Dr Who (Metal Theme).

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_71.mp3
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We’re jumping on the Doctor Who podcast bandwagon and taking a peek at “Asylum of the Daleks” and “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”.  Will the bile flow as usual towards the Moff and his masturbatory story arcs?  Or will we embrace the evil?  Will we enjoy what is clearly meant as this season’s “throw away” episode?  Listen and find out!  Free pie and punch await for the first ten listeners (in other words, all of you). 

Send us feedback at, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern and Steve via @tardistaverntit.  Plus, hunt us down on Facebook…we want more followers than all the other Doctor Who podcasts combined!

A special thanks goes to monkeyinaspasm for the end of show song “This Is Gallifrey”.  For more info on this mix please visit:

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_70.mp3
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With Season (er...I mean SERIES) Seven just a couple weeks away, we thought it was time to put our collective heads together with David and Marty from Hoo on Who and talk about our predictions and hopes for the upcoming series.

Seeing that most of the time all four of us tend to natter on about Classic Who, we thought that you, the good listeners, would like to hear what we think about the current series (aside from Sean's incessant bile regarding the Moff).

And after that...Sean and Steve jump into Dave and Marty's TARDIS and travel to the titanium bunker for a very, very special crossover episode of Hoo on Who.  History is made as we're actually drunker on that podcast than our own!

Facebook,, blah blah blah.  But follow us on Twitter: Sean via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, David via @davidhooie , and Marty via @mhooie.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_69.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:00am CST

Steve has finally joined us from his (turns out) travels from not-so-far-abroad with tales of suspense and intrigue.  For the first time since we’d like to remember, it’s just the two of your usual humble hosts for this episode…and we all hope, of course, that Steve stays on for quite a while to come.

Carrying on from Episode 65, in which we discussed “Kinda”, we’ve decided to let things run their natural course and review its sequel, “Snakedance”, featuring the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, and Tegan.  Did these reviewers fall under Martin Clunes’ devilish charm?  Has one of them been influenced a bit too much by the Mara?  Can we think of more useless waffling to make this introduction longer?  Listen and find out!

Oh yeah, there’s also an interview…stay tuned for more!

Catch us on Facebook, or follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern and Steve via @tardistaverntit (he never checks it, so leave him all the nasty remarks you like!).  Also, email us at with compliments about the podcast and complaints about Steve’s lewd behavior (don’t worry, Nicola, the restraining order has been signed).

Special thanks goes to the talented Curt Watkins with his end of show song CyphaRemix.  This mix and many more can be found at Who Mix (

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_68.mp3
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Whilst Steve remains in an undisclosed location fighting crime and making the world a better place, Sean holds down the fort still, this time with our old friend Erika and Steven from Radio Free Skaro.  Our first idea was to review "The Idiot's Lantern" in view of the diamond jubilee, then we realized this wouldn't be released until July, so you know, fuck that.

Given free reign to choose a topic, as our guests often do, Erika selected "The King's Demons", much to the chagrin of Steven and the relief of Sean who realized he only had to watch two episodes.  Short and sweet?  Or does this story just fester like a tiny deer turd on the forest floor.  Listen and find out!

Facebook, blah blah blah,, blah blah blah, @tardistavern.  Also follow Erika on Twitter via @HollyGoDarkly and Steven via @legopolis, for the zero of you who have a Twitter account and don't follow them already.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_67.mp3
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With Steve collecting ice samples in Antarctica, we have more chances to have new and exciting people at the Tavern.  We're happy and proud to present (Professor) Dave and Elizabeth, co-hosts of not one but two podcasts: Professor Dave's Ark in Space and The DWO Whocast.

And what better story to chat about than "The Ark in Space"?  Fiberglass Wirrn, green bubble wrap that begs to be popped, and claustrophobia!  What else can you possibly ask for?

As usual, feel free to send us bitch mail at and also join us on Facebook (we need more followers!).  Follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, Dave via @davidkeep1964, and Elizabeth via @lizaanne42.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_66.mp3
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We’re back!  It’s been a while since we’ve skipped along that old familiar path of classic Doctor Who, what with the current series in limbo and all that, but we’re back and happy as ever to bring you our thoughts on the Fifth Doctor story “Kinda”.

Unfortunately, after 64 episodes of Steve-goodness, for the first time ever he was unable to join us.  Steve is spending a little time in a monastery, praying or making win or something.  Or perhaps he saw “Kinda” before us and just went totally Buddha.

Nevertheless, we are joined once again by our friend Andre and Hannah, who has provided us with some slamming commentary in the past.  So please grab a fork, dig in, and enjoy the new meat!

Drop us feedback at and look for us on Facebook, too!  Also follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, Andre via @AndreT_NY, and Hannah via @WhoLiveBlogFeed.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_65.mp3
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“The Unicorn and the Wasp” isn’t exactly a conspicuous story, but after churning out three Pertwees and “The Caves of Androzani”, it seemed to go down smooth and sweet.  In fact, we haven’t talked about a Tenth Doctor and Donna since way, way back when we did “Partners in Crime.”  So enjoy!

If you’re the slightest bit disappointed by this topic, keep listening.  Our roving reporter Andre Tessier got to sit down with none other than Eighth Doctor himself, Paul McGann!  What do you think he’ll have to drink?  (Spoiler: red wine.)

Feel free to send yummy feedback to us at, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, and Andre via @andret_ny.  Oh yeah, don’t forget Facebook and GetGlue!

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_64.mp3
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Having took time to detox from February's misadventures and not-so-fresh off of our reviews of the so-called five worst stories of all time, we're joined by Lord Zimon to review the so-called best story of all time, "The Caves of Androzani."

What happens when you mix scotch with spectrox?  Delusions of grandeur or the delightful ecstacy of a time gone by?  Listen closely, friends, as we unpeel the laytex mask behind one of Robert Holmes' latest (and perhaps greatest) stories.!

Follow us on Facebook, catch Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, and Josh via @whomejz.  We like audio feedback, because sometimes we're too loopy on spectrox to read some of it out loud, so send it to

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_63.mp3
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This past weekend marked the 23rd Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles and, once again, we attended the festivities with hopes of bringing the fun to those of our listeners who could not make it.  We were a bit more successful this year than last year (which was more like The Lost Weekend than a Doctor Who convention), and on Saturday night we hosted an impromptu "live recording" in our room.  Free booze was provided, thus attendance was somewhat decent.

Our guests included our own roving reporter Andre Tessier (@AndreT_NY), Paul and Pete of The Pharos Project podcast (@KungFuYoda and @beastmasterpete respectivley), Nicole (@boozeleprechaun), Sarah (@sourcitruslady), Melissa (@Bellaira), John (Twitter handle unknown at this time, but we bet he has one), our friend Bob from Houston, and our hotel neighbors Miranda and Sam who came crossplaying as the Seventh Doctor and Ace.

In the coming months we hope to present you with a bit more that we collected from Gallifrey, but for now sit back and relax and listen to our impressions of the first two days.

Facebook, GetGlue, blah blah blah, you know the drill.  Follow us on Twitter at @tardistavern and @tardistaverntit and, as a result of our activities throughout the weekend, we will accept process of service via email at

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_62.mp3
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On this very, very special of The TARDIS Tavern, we confront Steve once again with his biggest Doctor Who fear: The Third Doctor!  We are joined by our good friends Chris Burgess of Radio Free Skaro and podcast newcomer Erika (known for those of you on Twitter as @HollyGoDarkly).  We examine not just one but three (yes, three!) Third Doctor stories: "Terror of the Autons," "The Curse of Peladon," and "The Time Warrior."

Those of you that are longtime listeners may notice that this is one of our longest episodes ever!  And after an hour and a half of recording (plus half an hour of pre-show cocktails), some people can hold their liquor better than others.  It truly does mark the anniversary of Gallifrey 22!  So pull up a pitcher or a cuppa, light a fire or a cigarette, and enjoy...our Pertwee Extravaganza!

Follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, Chris via @dubbayoo, and Erika via @HollyGoDarkly.  Please also join us on Facebook and email us at  By the way, we're a little backed on reading feedback lately, so bear with our drunken asses.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_61.mp3
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Because we can't talk about Doctor Who all the time, we thought we'd do a complete 180 this time and talk about a different science fiction show that isn't so, um...well, Doctor Who-ee.  Steve has long been ranting and raving about this show called Farscape (1999-2003), so we'd thought we'd give it a spin.  Joining us is our friend David (better known as "Draculasaurus" among fans), who is also a big Farscape fan.  This is, however, the first time for Sean to see a single episode, so listen in as he gets his proverbial cherry popped.

Please email us at, join us on Facebook, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, and David via @draculasaurus13.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_60.mp3
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Right on the tail of our sixtieth, we are joined by our new roving reporter, Andre Tessier, a frequent listener and friend of the show.  We dive into another Third Doctor story, "The Green Death."  Will Steve finally see the error of his ways and join the Cult of Pertwee?  Or can we expect more hate mail, lined with frills and velvet?

As our newly-designated "roving reporter," Andre brings us an exclusive interview with author and script editor Gary Russell, interviewed at the latest DWNY event.  We think he wouldn't have given us the time of day if he really knew who we are (thanks, Sean), but it was jolly sweet of him to sit down with us.

And, finally, we have some lovely audio feedback from longtime listener Hannah, as well as an email from Robert "Richard" Kulp.

Join us on Facebook, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, or email us at  We'll send you all of our left over egg nog!

Direct download: Tardis_Tavern_Episode_59.mp3
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We've been doing this little podcast for just over two years, and it occurred to us suddenly that we've never had a Christmas episode.  Every other podcast seems to be cashing in on this holiday thing, so we figured we'd just jump in and join the fray.  Join us as we exchange gifts, drink egg nog, and talk about "The Feast of Steven," Doctor Who's first ever Christmas episode.  See you next year, kids.

Please join us on Facebook, send us dirty emails at, and follow us on Twitter via @tardistavern and @tardistaverntit.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_58.mp3
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And so we've come to this.  The bottom of the bucket.  The last frontier.  Number 200 in Doctor Who Magazine's poll: "The Twin Dilemma."  Is it as bad as they say?  Can we sit through an hour and half of this without wanting to strangle those twins and make a couple of bookends?  Frankly, we're a little relieved to get these five episodes behind us and start reviewing some good stuff.  Like maybe "Fear Her."  Or perhaps even some Pertwee, right Steve?  Join us and Lord Zimon as we imbibe and discuss.

Why doesn't anyone want to join us on Facebook anymore?  We don't suck that much!  Email us at, follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, and Josh via @whomejz.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_57.mp3
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Four down and one to go.  This time we discuss "Timelash," number 199 of Doctor Who Magazine's 2009 poll.  This time around we're joined by Matt of The Raggedy Podcast.  Did watching this hour and a half of fluffery incite us to hurl ourselves into the Timelash?  Or did we half-heartedly embrace it?  (See also: Episode 54, in which we talk "Underworld.")

Plus we have one cryptic bit of audio feedback from a loyal listener as well as an email suggesting good Doctor Who for the Halloween, better late than never I suppose.

Join us on Facebook and send us feedback at tardistavern@gmail.  Also catch Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, and Matt via @androiddreamer!

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_56.mp3
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After a brief cutaway to a discussion of Series Six, we're back to business again with our "Craptastics" series, in which we review the bottom five stories of Doctor Who Magazine's 2009 poll.

This time we discuss #498 in the poll, the infamous "Time and the Rani."  Joining us for the fun is Steven of Radio Free Skaro, who makes us feel like buffoons with his encyclopedic knowledge of the show (as if he needed help with that).  Is Mel redeemable in this one?  Does Kate O'Mara do good imitations?  Why does the Doctor play spoons on the Rani's breasts?  Will they ever have a "Time and the Rani" Lego set?  All these questions will be answered...and more, including some cryptic audio feedback from one of our favorite listeners.

Did you know that we only have 126 followers on Facebook?  You could be #127!  We also like receiving audio feedback at  Also, catch Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern and Steve via @tardistaverntit.  We really need to plug these things when we record, but frankly we're just too drunk to remember.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_55.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:26pm CST

This episode we're taking a little detour from our "Craptastics" series to bring on Lord Zimon and discuss the recently-completed series six.  You've already heard us waflle on regarding "Let's Kill Hitler" and "Closing Time," but what did we think of the remainder of the Eleventh Doctor's adventures?  We cover them all, from "The Impossible Astronaut" to "The Wedding of River Song."

Whether you like series six or not, I'm sure there's one thing we can all agree on...aren't we glad the arc is over and we can get back to good old monster-of-the-week?

We encourage audio feedback to be sent to  Also, follow Sean on twitter via @tardistavern, Steve via @tardistaverntit, and Josh (a/k/a Lord Zimon) via @whomejz.  Catch up with us one Facebook, GetGlue, and your latest pub crawl.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_54.mp3
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We are both pleased and honored (or should I say "honoured"?) to be joined by our latest guest bartender, Paul Heath of The Pharos Project, our sister podcast from across the pond which also celebrates drunken fandom.

The topic this time is the serial "Underworld," ranked #197 in Doctor Who Magazine's "Mighty 200" poll.  Some of us can only remember the crappy CSO, while others have a special place for this story in the cockles of their warm little hearts.  Does this story truly deserve its reputation as one of the five worst stories of all time.  Time (and several jiggers of bubble gum vodka) will only tell.

We also poke a bit at the previous evening's contribution to the Eleventh Doctor's range, "Closing Time."  Fun little romp or waste of time twaddle?  Time (and a few cigarettes) will only tell.

Our email is  Follow Sean on Twitter via @tardistavern.  Follow Steve on Twitter via @tardistaverntit.  Follow Paul on Twitter via @kungfuyoda.  Be the 127th person to join us on Facebook (we're never going to beat The Omega Podcast at this rate) and check in on us at GetGlue, if you're into that sort of thing.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_53.mp3
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In 2009, much to the delight of, well, people like us, Doctor Who Magazine released "The Mighty 200," a listing of readers' ratings of the existing 200 stories, from "An Unearthly Child" through "Planet of the Dead."  The list rated the stories from best to worst.

We could talk about the latest Matt Smith story, but why do that when every other podcast is?  Instead, we're spending the next five episodes focusing on the five lowest rated stories in DWM's list.  We won't tell you which five they are in case you don't want to know, but we start from number 196 on the list and will work our way down to 200.

And so, without further ado, we discuss the much-maligned "Time-Flight," featuring the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, and Tegan, quite possibly the blandest, beigiest trio ever to travel in the TARDIS (yes, this is Sean writing this).  Does it deserve to be in the bottom five?  Spoiler: One of thinks so.  Oh yeah, there's also talk of "Let's Kill Hitler," two weeks after you've heard every one else's opinion of it.  You might be surprised what we think.

Let's make this part short:, Twitter via @tardistavern and @tardistaverntit.  Facebook, GetGlue, blah blah blah.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_52.mp3
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We are joined by Katrina and Chris from the excellent Radio Free Skaro for a fun discussion of the Ninth Doctor adventure "Dalek."  It's been a long time since The TARDIS Tavern ventured into Christopher Eccleston land (we did "The Long Game" a while back), so this was a particularly fun event for us, in addition to being joined by two friends who have made previous appearances as guest bartenders.

The scotch flows and the discussion gets heated.  Could David Tennant play the Doctor as well as Eccleston did in this story?  Does using American actors in a UK production underplay the performance of the actor?  And can you guess which of the four of us didn't really enjoy "Dalek" the way 90% of the fan community seems to?  All these questions shall be asked in Episode 51 of...The TARDIS Tavern!

Join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, blah blah blah.  @tardistavern, @tardistaverntit,  Just communicate with us and we'll send you pie.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_51.mp3
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Almost two years ago, on November 1, 2009, (back when there were only eight or so Doctor Who podcasts) we unleashed out first episode of The TARDIS Tavern onto an unwilling public.  Six months later, somebody actually started listening to us.

We would like to dedicate our 50th episode to every one of you who has ever downloaded and listened to one of our episodes, particularly those of you who have listened from the beginning or gone back and reviewed those that you missed.  We would also like to thank every one of our guest bartenders: David Hooie, Louis Trapani, Erik Stadnik, Liz Peloso, Josh Zimon, Eric Escamilla, Katrina Griffiths, Wes and Wendell Duellman, Adam and Alicia Pearson, John Branigan, Chris Burgess, and Marty Hooie.  Also, a very special "Huzzah!" to John "Cyber Testicle" Branigan for procurring the signed photo from Sylvester McCoy, who no doubt thinks we're an old gay couple celebrating our anniversary.

For your pleasure, we have wrangled together some lovely audio feedback and a very special commentary of a very special film that we know for a fact hasn't been done by Radio Free Skaro.  Also, we announce the names of our four "lucky" contest winners.

Don't forget to join us on Facebook, email us at, and follow us on Twitter via @tardistavern and @tardistaverntit.

Direct download: TARDIS_Tavern_Episode_50-2.mp3
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